Thursday, 8 October 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

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It seems to be a pattern here - Thursdays turn out super crappy. So it is great to have to recall my blessings on a Thursday and turn the mood around to the positive.

So today, I am thankful for:
1. More time with Hunter and more time for us as a family.

2. That little Leo went through his surgery almost without a glitch. This morning he had a bit of pain, but he is fine.

3. That Chris will have his ears fixed soon! We hope that this will improve his balance as I am really on the verge of permanently putting him into a helmet.

4. Chocolate - need I say more?

5. Summer fruit! The watermelons are just starting to ripen and the peaches are looking great. I love summer fruit.

6. It is asparagus season! My fav veggie. Got to make the most of the limited time available and eat heaps of it.

7. Guess who went potty for the first time on Monday night? Leo! My money was on Chris. He has been showing signs for ages and no interest from Leo guess who actually sits on the potty before bath time? And then does it!

8. On Tuesday my dad would have turned 80. I am sad to have missed him most of my life, but so glad that my mom kept his memory so alive for me.

9. Apart from last night which was one of those nights that they should tell high school kids about to frighten them of sex, we had 9 nights that The Boys slept through regardless of ear infections and an operation. Let's hope last night was just a fluke.

10. Its Summertime! Need I say more. I love summer - I am a summer baby. Today, our high will be 89.6 F (32 C). Just fine with me.

And for your viewing pleasure - the typical South African child on her way to pre-school for summer:

Note the cap or hat - no going to school without this. In the school bag will be sunscreen. For those who are new to this blog - note the bare feet. Walking with bare feet is somewhat of a tradition - everyone does it in summer time. Our nursery schools have a time in the year when kids must wear shoes (autumn/winter) - for the rest they encourage bare feet as part of natural development.


  1. I love learning new stuff and everytime I read your blog - I definitely learn something new! So cool about Little Miss' bare feet! And YAY! on Leo going to the potty!!!! And chocolate should always be on Thankful lists!

  2. Enjoy your SUMMER..!!
    I must be honest and say i envied you a little when i was reading your post....
    Those last days aA Lot of rain overhere.....
    Love this TT it indeed brings us in the place we must stay to bring praise and thanksgivig!

    Have a grear TT

  3. It is just turning cold here and your making me sad hearing all about summer:(

    So cool your kids get to go to school bare foot!

  4. Your children are absolutely adorable. What a blessing they are. I think bare feet are wonderful. How great that it is encouraged. Blessings to you, Debbie

  5. Great thankgiving list.
    Picture of your little one is soo cute. Sure wish our summer wasn't over.
    glad your little guy is recovering well from his surgery..and so happy to hear it went well

  6. Oh sad to be saying good bye to ours. I am happy to hear you will be enjoying yours.

    How exciting on the toilet training front! It is so nice when you don't have haul all those extra diapers around anymore. You are on your way.

    Little miss's little feet are so precious. She is a cutie!

  7. Since its turning nice there and we're approaching winter...we'll rely on you to post sunny, warm pics (& make us all jealous! lol!)

    I never had a chance to post for TT today...but I always like to do the post to find the silver lining in those tough days/weeks - it reminds me that life is NOT as bad as I might think it is at the moment and that I have a LOT to be thankful for.

    Hope you get another good night of sleep - I haven't had a full nights rest since I went back to work - Adam's up a lot and its not any better now that he's sick. Ugh! Poor baby though...last night I finally put him on my chest and crawled into bed and finally got him to sleep...

  8. So much to be thankful for! Such a beautiful family! God bless!

  9. That is fascinating about the bare feet! I had no idea!

    I also never knew your boys real names! (just L & C). nice to "hear" them :)

    So glad the surgery went well and that you have potty training going on! AWESOME!

    ps I love the idea of having one day a week to turn it all around too!

  10. Bare feet, huh? That's pretty cool :) She's a cutie.

  11. Yay for families and summer and fresh produce and healthy kids and sleep!!

    The snow is starting here so I'll have to soak in all the summer sun from your many photos.

  12. Hi,

    I soooo enjoyed reading your TT praises.. Chocholate... you made me smile and I love the cap and the sweet child wearing it.

    Thanks for joining TT and see you again this week. Hugs, Lynn


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