Monday, 9 November 2009

Makes my Monday - a great weekend.

Yeah, I know, I have shamelessly been missing in action. Just general craziness.

Add ImagePlaying along with Cheryl every Monday.

We had such a great weekend that is general, having a nice weekend really makes my Monday. On Friday night we had the Lil Miss' school concert after which she could choose where we would have dinner. I hoped for Foodprint, our local cafe, but of course, it was Spur. Saturday morning started of with the first kids waking up at 6:10 - what a shock, an hour later than the usual. Hunter made a huge breakfast and after that I went of to do some shopping and had a great riding lesson. Saturday night was spent relaxing at home.

On Sunday morning we had our family photos done and after that the boys had a long nap. The Lil Miss and I paid granny a quick visit and had an afternoon nap while the men of the house went for a little drive. Last night we had a quick little family braai.

So, onto photo overload of the Lil Miss' concert: "At the seaside"

Waiting for the concert to start - outdoor again like last year. It was a balmy beautiful evening.

The stage is set, featuring:

beautiful mermaids

a flock of seagulls (nah, not the 80's group - but we all had a laugh about that)

fierce and ferocious pirates

happy hoola girls

two pretty Mary Ann's (the old Harry Belafonte song):
All day, all night, Mary Ann
Down by the seaside siftin' sand
Even little children love Mary Ann
Down by the seaside siftin' sand.

two King Neptunes

and pretty little seashells and swooshing waves.

Getting ready to do her little solo bit.

We are so proud of how spontaneous she was, how she enjoyed every minute and really did her part well.


  1. Wow..those are some fantastic costumes. Must have been an awesome play. We also had a wondeful weekend.

  2. Fabulous costumes! :) As someone who loves performing it warms my heart to see children taking to the stage a young age.

  3. That is just to cutest thing I have seen. What a great show!

  4. Oh what fun!!
    And your sneak peak is up... ;)

  5. Oh my gosh!! How wonderful is that?

  6. LOVE this pic of her! She is just getting more gorgeous all the time!

  7. Awesome costumes. It looks like the concert was a hit. Great Pictures.

    I love seeing the pictures of your kids. And thanks for sharing about the concert.

  8. What a perfect entertainment! What a perfect little coral shell Little Miss is! Know you must have been so proud...that last picture of your little performer entirely Makes My Monday!

    Thanks so much for playing along, Cat!

  9. gorgeous! love that last photo - ALL the kids look so great in their costumes!

  10. What a lovely afternoon! Little Miss looks adorable.

    PS I hope your photo shoot went well :)

  11. This looks like a grand celebration!
    What fun.


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