Sunday, 17 January 2010

15, 16 & 17/365

No guesses how many pics I have to share of the weekend. Heaps and heaps.
But first, my choice of pictures for project 365:


I took many nice photos of the kids at The Lil' Miss party at school and I will show you some of them later this week, but I just like this one.


At her party on Saturday I made a point to take a nice picture of every little guest we invited. And I have some great ones - so much so that I am finding it difficult to settle on one. So I decided on this splash of colour in stead.


Little man C is the most difficult of my kids to photograph - he always seem to have his eyes closed and his very light skin does not help either. I made it my task today to take a nice one of him and I got several. But this one speaks personality to me - and I like it that we have his twin in the shade and out of focus in the background.


  1. That tunnel pic is awesome!

  2. I love the bright colors in your #16!!

  3. That look is perfect.... shows lot of personality! Good on you for taking the challenge!

  4. Hi Catwoman, Love your pics-- they show that the kiddies had a great time.
    Can't wait to read all 500+ posts, to get to know you better.
    Please drop in sometime,for some coffee and a nice "skinner"?

  5. Fabulous photos!

    ps Check out my 365 photo blog. I am linked up for a fun meme for
    365ers ;) (I just can't remember who hosts it, but you link up each Friday and share your photos from the week)


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