Saturday, 2 January 2010

I really miss the point...

of fireworks!

I hate them! I hate what they do to animals, driving them to hysteria with fear. Last night on the news there were countless animals that got lost and had to be housed at the SPCA because they got scared of fireworks. At least our puppies being hunting dogs are ok with fireworks, but we keep a close eye on them. And I hate the fact that some dork in our neighborhood thought last night at about 8pm, just as the grown ups sat down for a nice family dinner over here, was a great time to host his own little show for his drunken 50 best friends. Waking up Little man C and driving him to tears. My goodness, New years is done and dusted - get over it!

It is illegal here to do your own fireworks display and we only really have 3 nights a year that we have problems with this - Diwali (the hindu festival of lights), Guy folks and New Years Eve. Frankly, you can call the police, but they are so overworked with bigger crime issues that it is just a useless frustration going that route.


  1. Oh then you wouldn't like it here. In the summer they have fireworks by the falls every Friday night. Plus on Victoria day, and Canada day. No fireworks on New Years that I know of though.
    I do not like it when the kids around here do their own though.

  2. That is crazy! I know Brenna would be freaking out with fireworks too. Like you said thank goodness it is only a few times a year.

    There are certain areas here (not where I live, but about 15 minutes away) they seem to think fireworks are appropriate any time of night the whole month of July (instead of just the 4th).

    Hope everyone sleeps a bit better tonight!

  3. Luckily, our dog Sugar is okay with them now but when she was a puppy she would shake and cry on 4th of July and New Years. A few of our neighbors apparently had an arsonal of fireworks - UGH!

  4. Ugh - we have a neighbor that needs to grow up a little and he does the fireworks/ firecracker thing for days before and well after 4th of July here. It is super annoying - I feel your pain!
    Have a great new year!

  5. Don't you hate it when a few bad apples ruin your fun?

  6. I also hate fireworks. I am fortunate that our dogs (Sharpei's) appear to be to stupid to be scared...they rather bark at the noise.


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