Sunday, 3 January 2010


As per usual, I do not get myself into many resolutions for the new year. I do however want to resolve one and only one item: I want to live more this year, enjoy more, get past the daily runt of things. Look past the fact that we have basically just been surviving the last 2 years, getting through the daily grind of twins (and more).

As for blogging I have some housekeeping to do. And I want to try and take one picture every day, and publish it in order to force myself to learn as much as possible about my new camera. Maybe not on the same day, but shortly after. I am not going to make a separate blog for that, but will just publish them here.

I did however make my Book blog target for the year - in terms of reading, not in terms of publishing my progress, but I intend to catch up still. I made it to 39 books for the year, 3 more than my target of 36 (3 books per month). I am keeping that same target for 2010.

So without further ado:
Photo 1/365:

Post Christmas sticker heaven.
Photo 2/365:

His new favorite seat.
Photo 3/365:

On top of daddy's truck, Buks.


  1. Love the photos! Happy New Year.

  2. Aw! I'd say you pretty much have the hang of things! Really lovely pics and adorable children.

    Happy New Year hon! xx

  3. Yay! I'm doing a project 365 too :) we can egg each other on!
    Love those stickers

  4. Great shots!! Enjoy that camera:-)

  5. Looks like the year is off to a LOVELY start, Cat! Blessings. :)

  6. What a great resolution and beautiful pictures!

  7. I love your resolution Cat...we end up just surviving and not living most of the time.

    I also plan to do a Project Life.

  8. great goals!! and wow...great reading!! I'm lucky if I get through 6 a year and I love to read...

    Loved the last pic of all 3 kids ;-)

    Happy New Year!

  9. How lovely :) I just love the idea of doing a photo a day (I just keep forgetting....)


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