Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Nature vs nurture.

I guess all moms know that no two children are the same, but it takes raising two of exactly the same age and sex to realise just how different two kids being raised in the same home can be.

The Lil Miss was quite a demanding child around the 2 year mark. She could not play on her own and we had to teach her how to do it by instigating play with a toy and leaving her when play was well established. Today she can spend hours playing independently but loves to do or make something with an adult. Of course she also plays a lot with her brothers. But as any normal child she continuously craves attention.

Nothing prepared us for the package of Little man C though! He is such a high maintenance child. He hates to play on his own and often a sibling is not enough. He wants mommy, or daddy or granny or all of the above. Once on my lap he will fiddle with everything, pester you until you give up whatever you were busy with and give him your full attention. Although it is incredibly sweet, it is really tiring. And it really getting to me.

Little man L on the other hand is Mr Independent himself. He can entertain himself for hours - especially if there are some cars involved. He also loves to play with his siblings and gives a lot of love and attention to the dogs, but now and again comes to mommy for a quick cuddle before embarking on a new adventure.

Just goes to show what the gene pool can dig out at the same time.


  1. They are adorable. I hear you on the difference though. I have a high maintenance child ...
    It is interesting though, isn't on how different yet the same some kids are.

  2. I am beginning to see the stages of this myself. Although we have B/G twins, they are in this mama phase. One day I will want them to want me this, for now I am soaking it up.
    They do play well together, but I have to be in the room...if I leave it is melt down city. Maggie is a bit more independent than James, but then on a different day it is completely the opposite.

  3. Yes I also had 3 and all very different even as adults today, its lovely, who wants 3 of the same!!!

  4. I can soooo relate, although I was blaming it on their gender, who knows, I am with you though, the high maintenance ones are a LOT of work.

  5. You said it. My three are so completely different that I have a hard time keeping up.

  6. my two are very different too and I comment all the time about "nature vs nurture" along with the difference between boys and girls!

    Interestingly though, my two's personalities with us are the same as they were in the womb, too!! Sarah was VERY active and excitable...while I often worried about Jacob b/c I rarely felt him move compared to his sister.

    He is still so easy going and she can be so high maintenance! LOL!

    So far Adam is taking after his brother (there have been times I've thanked him for that!! LOL!)...but I am certainly curious to see how he matures :-)

  7. Sounds like C's love language is quality time. :) I saw this one at the bottom of your current post so clicked over. And this my dear is how I spend so much time reading blogs :)


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