Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Two for Two-sday - smoking with Oupa

and 5/365:

This morning Oupa was puffing on his pipe and Little man L went to sit on his lap for a cuddle. The play dough cutter in his hand became an instant play pipe. I caught the two without them noticing it and immediately thought that I should edit it to sepia as it would suit the pensive mood.

Just 3 hours ago we dropped of Ouma and Oupa at the airport. It's been a great visit and I will really miss them, especially getting up at 5 tomorrow morning with the kids as the last week or so I had the chance to go back to bed and sleep a bit more. That was heaven! Also the afternoon naps wil be greatly missed, as sharing cooking responsibilities. They also gave me some great moments with Hunter and we managed to fit a date in as well as a date with my little princess to see Alvin and the Chipmunks 2.

Some highlights from their visit:

With Ouma at Safari Nursery

Getting jumping castle lessons from Ouma.

Swimming with Oupa.

Lounging around with Oupa.

Playing with Ouma.


  1. The one in front of the fern and the next shot are awesome! Looks like you had a lovely time

  2. What fun :)

    Holidays with family are awesome but its always hard to say goodbye :(

  3. What precious memories! Great photos.

  4. Looks like a GREAT visit:-)

  5. Oh wow! It looks and sounds like a wonderful visit :)

    LOVE the photo you used for twos-day and it's perfect in sepia too.

    ps That final photo of Little Miss...oh my! She is something precious!

  6. The smoking pic is precious. You are REALLY good at photography Cat...these are all beautiful.

  7. Your family is filled with love I can see that from your photo's.
    As a granny who lives away from her grandchildren I know how sad Oupa and Ouma are feeling right now.
    Love the sepia show, does capture the mood very well.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. It's amazing and fun to see how BIG the boys have gotten! Wow. Looks like you had a lovely holiday. Sending you great wishes for a happy 2010!


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