Monday, 15 February 2010

10 Things I have learned this weekend...

1. One little moody 2 year old can spoil Valentines day for a whole family.
2. Even "Stopayne" will not help.
3. All good intentions to bake heart shaped cupcakes go out of the window in above circumstances.
4. You can book and even go for a cut, colour and blow wave and return without the last one due to one of our infamous power cuts. My hairdresser can do wonders with towel dried hair and wax.
5. Our city can actually have a mid day highs of 42 degrees Celsius ( 107,6 F). I promised, measured on my car when we parked at the party. When we left at 5:15 the afternoon it was still 36 degrees C (96,8 F)
6. After a hot and busy day like that 4 adults and 6 kids can be so tired that even a very exciting game of rugby will not keep your interest for long.
7. In hot weather like this take away pizza is a good substitute for a braai, even if your hubby is the braai king.
8. A lot of people exercise in the gym on Sunday evenings. I really thought the gym would be empty.
9. You have to see Avatar on the big screen in 3D. It will not be the same in any other medium.
10. The best Indian food I have ever tasted is only 5km from home.
Idea stolen from Being Brazen

So, as you can guess, the weekend was tough, and tiring. Valentines schmellentines I say. I had such great intentions and plans. Hunter had such good intentions too - gave me my favorite addiction (Ferrero rocher). But yeah, let's just pretend Valentines day  was on Friday night when we had the most excellent date night out ever.

I was dead tired after being up with Little man L for most of Thursday night (BTW I am now removing all mannekies(-see previous post- and associated Duplo from beds as soon as they are asleep. Up to now it is still working), but despite that we had a great time. We had dinner at Geet and oh my, it was simply stunning. We sat outside on the patio and ate the most escellent food accompanied by great service. Hunter and I agree that this is without a doubt the very best Indian food we have ever had, anywhere. We will certainly return when budget allows.

After dinner we saw Avatar - oh my, what an experience. Although the story line is really predictable and somewhat stereotype,it is the beauty of the scenenry and the creation of a whole new world that takes ones breath away. The 3D experience enhances this. We really enjoyed it.



  1. Nice list of things you learnt.

    Avatar is so good, it wouldnt be as awesome if it wasn't in 3D :)

    Have a great Monday

  2. We agree on Avatar commentary.

    Hubby wants to go see it again!

  3. I can't imagine 107! Wow, that is hot!

  4. I totally need to get on the train and see Avatar.

  5. We didn't see Avatar in 3D. I guess we'll need to see it again to really get the true picture.

    Sorry to hear it was a tough weekend. Having a crabby kid no matter what age is never fun. My heart goes out to you.

    Spring is popping out here and I'm thrilled we haven't hit those temps yet. UGH! I don't miss that heat at all.

  6. That's a great list but 107...I could NOT do!! Yikes!!!

  7. yet to see avatar, def on my to do list.

    my dh gave me that cupcake baker for valentines, dying to use it and perhaps put caramel in the centre heart goodie.

    date night sounds fabulous!

    we are also experiencing revolting heat at the mo. i hate it.

  8. Avatar was not a movie, it was an experience, I agree re: the story line, but that was not an issue, being transported into this world of beauty, i want to live there even more than I wanted to live at Hogwarts.

    Sorry about your schmalentines day though :(

  9. Thank goodness for date nights. We would all be stark raving mad without them.

    When we lived in Phoenix area, AZ, USA we had hot days.....Once we had a week we broke 118 twice.....I don't miss those as much as I miss the sunshine. In fact I may need the sunshine more right now than date night.

    I hope that all the little darlings in your house are feeling much happier.

  10. My mom says it is hot like she has never known. It sounds quite brutal. Sorry about Valentines Day itself, but glad you got to celebrate in style on Friday :)

  11. Sounds like your date was just perfect...
    So sorry you are having sleeping issues with your little guy again. UGH I hope he goes back to sleeping like a champ for you real soon!

  12. I totally agree about Avatar, the only way for the movie to be awesome is in 3D on the big screen.

    We found the best Indian food in a small little restaurant close to work. The restaurant doesn't look that great, but the food is divine and not expensive at all

  13. Haven't seen Avatar.

    Sounds like you had a great date.

  14. I'm sorry your Valentines wasn't lekker- but I am glad you had a date night before it that was wonderful!
    I LOVED Avatar! Loved it!


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