Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday 12 February.

Mommy's Idea
It's Friday and time to get the little its and bits out of the system:  
1. Tonight is date night out! I can not wait, seeing that it has been an month and a half. Going out for some good Indian and then on to see Avatar 3D. Not so sure about staying away as last night was really a tough one.
2. Super 14 rugby is starting today. Months of rugby to follow.

3. Going to the hairdresser tomorrow to change my natural hair colour from grey to that magic number on her index card.

4. Somebody graduated to big boy underpants yesterday (Little man C). Someone else is still in pull-up nappies.;)
5.It is really really hot at the moment (and humid) - last night was so uncomfortable.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Carrie

Hosted by Chris

I bought this silicon cake pan with 6 mini heart cakes from Clicks. Can not wait to bake some Valentines goodness.

The usual Friday afternoon activity, riding bikes in the driveway. More than one way to ride a bike.
The delight to see each other for the first time in months was huge. They may differ with 5 years in age on 550 km in distance, but they are close in their own special way.

At almost 6:30 pm I remembered that I have (can you believe it) not taken any photos. So a low light, action shot of my ever dancing princess. I swear this girl dances through life.

The kidlets were playing outside while we waited for Lucy to arrive on Monday morning. The Lil Miss is forever picking flowers and gathering little bits of nature like feathers, pebbles and seeds. She wanted to give her stash this morning to mommy to take to work and I asked her to put it in my car. Look at what brightened up my drive to work.

Not the best photo and neither of us looking our best, but it does capture the moment - perfectly. This is me and my mom having lunch. We used to have lunch every month, but due to her failing mobility we stopped. And just forgot to start again after the knee replacement. So this is just the start of our monthly routine again. Good to chat without being interrupted by a kid every 2 minutes. (This was taken by me holding the camera in front of us at arms length.
I decided that he has not been featured this week so I followed him around before dinner time. Love this one.

The Boys got Duplo for Christmas as ever since at bedtime they will each have an ambulance or airoplane with at least two "mannekies" as they call them (people) with it. Tuesday night I nearly killed all mannekies in our home as Little man L woke up in the middle of the night and could not get them placed back in his ambulance. Many times....
(BTW last night was the same - I need to make a plan!)


  1. Great photo´s!Your kids are very cute!

  2. I love your little bouquet. Your daughter is quite artistic. And the expression on your son's face with his forehead wrinkled is priceless. Its like he's saying, "Mom, not you with the camera again. Cant a guy get any peace?"

  3. I love the pictures. My faves are the cake pan pic, and your dancing daughter. I hope you enjoy your date night!

  4. I love that picture of Little Miss dancing. She is so precious!
    I love your photos.

  5. As always, great pictures and great randomness!!

  6. I love the one of your daughter dancing. What a great shot.

    You and your mom..just precious and awesome that you grabbed that. You'll love that you have these photos of your family as all of you continue to grow older. I know I do!

  7. Happy date night:)

    I am so impressed to see you still going strong with the project 365...and those photos just tug at my heart.

    Thank you for every word of encouragement in these past weeks...julle het my werklik gedra met julle gebede.

  8. Beautiful pictures! Enjoy your evening out with hubby!

  9. great pictures
    hope you enjoy your date night

  10. Darling family. I would be excited to bake too!!!

  11. We've got a dancing, flower loving girl here, too.

    And, I love the Duplo shot.

    Good for you for going back to lunches with your mom so you can reconnect That's awesome.

  12. gorgeous pics!
    congrats on the big boy pants.

  13. Such stunning photo's again...I love the fact your girl dancers all the time...that sounds like me as a little girl...and I became a Dance Teacher!!

  14. I love your sweet kids! Your cake pan! And your Mama. Very nice. The spinning picture was great. Real emotion perfectly captured : )

  15. Dancing through life.....we all need to take a page from that book.

  16. We had a "date" tonite, too! Wanted to get out and about before more snow arrives. love, Love, LOVE these Superior Snaps...are those Little Tykes toys? We still have a few of those around!

  17. its too hot there and its been very cold and lots of snow here...

    I think the photo of you and your mom is great...I was recently thinking that i needed more family photos with my parents and siblings and after this week...I'm reminded even more so and very sad that our family photos will always be missing someone from now on...:-(

  18. After the first pic, I forgot that you always post a bunch, and I thought, "Aw, darn. I wish there were more." So happy to leisurely stroll through the rest of your "garden." :)

    Hope your date night was FUN!

    Yea on the big-boy pants!!!

  19. love the flowers in the car door...very sweet!

  20. LOVING your photos this week! LOVE the close-up of the girls and the sentiment about them and those flowers are GLORIOUS!

    Hope you enjoy your night out! Russ and I are supposed to go out tomorrow! YIPPEE!

  21. As always.....I love your photos!!! Love them.....

    Number 3 cracked me up since I was thinking about the same thing today. There really is something magic about that number on the index card.

  22. I love that first shot - I couldn't figure out what I was looking at for a minute there.

    Day 38: You usually have your picture BEFORE 6:30 pm? You're farther ahead of the game than I am :)

    Day 41: I think this is a beautiful portrait! And I wish I had a "King of the Dinosaurs" shirt!

  23. I love to read your posts...they are so perfect, just the little glimpse of a beautiful land far away! Little Miss is so beautiful, but now that I see the photo of you and your mom...I know where the beauty comes from.
    Keith and I used to take pictures of ourselves all the time...some came out lopsided but most showed our love, closeness and beauty! I love pictures taken this way...Great Job! happy Weekend and valentine's day!

  24. What beautiful children you have! And I hunted all around to see where you were that is so lovely, green and warm! We have experienced way too much snow this winter.

    Love the pics, especially the one of you and your mom. So *sweet*

  25. Love the photos! Thanks so much for stopping by on my SITS day. And what an awesome day it was! I don't do many giveaways, but I am doing a great one right now. Please stop by!

  26. The dancing princess picture is my favorite. Your pictures are very creative!

    I'm new at photo 365 and am having fun meeting new photo bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

  27. the heart shaped cakes look cool, how'd they turn out?

  28. Love the ones of your daughter dancing, your son, and the flowers in your car. All great pictures!! :)

  29. Teehee, sounds to me like they're going to have to pack everything away before they go to bed... have you ever trodden on LEGO in the dark!?!?


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