Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday 5 February

PhotoStory Friday
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I took many many pictures on at the Bootcamp party but I just love this one! Little man L had so much fun and Little man C is busy concentrating so hard. I love taking pictures of the twins where I focus more on the one, but the other is in the background. I also like it than Little man C's face is smeared with mud and cake crumbs - what more can a boy ask for?
The water slide provided many photo opportunities and I have a great one of my own little princess, but I think this one is the winner of the day. And action shot of little J as he starts his slide. I love the foam on the face and the spuds splashing.
Although we had a fun day at the Zita park party, I think this one is my best for the day as it really is so typical of The Lil Miss at present. She is finding so much joy in drawing. It's like seeing yourself at that age - my mom says I was much the same.
The day was busy. and by the time I got my camera out it was bath time and bed time. So I snapped a few - nothing I really liked. Then after settling the boys down I looked into A's room - and there she was, sleeping so I snapped without flash and just the bedside lamp on.
(Some of the) ladies of the Bookclub. This is my first self timer and tripod shot with the new camera. Gosh, I just love my once a month Tuesday date with them. We are 11 in total in the club, but the usual get together is often about 7 to 9 girls as all of us work, most are married and some have small children.
It was a crazy day at work, Hunter had to go home early to be with the kids as I was stuck in a meeting in Joburg and I only got home in time for dinner and bath time. So, a picture from my working day. I really find it hard to photograph some of our buildings as cars. people etc are everywhere and some buildings are just difficult due to their configuration, orientation etc. But I like this one of a shopping center we completed a few years ago.
Mommy's Idea
It's Friday and time to get the little its and bits out of the system: 
1. We have had 3 successful potty training days - may I hear a million yeahs! Little man C is doing so well. Little man L is not so sure about doing his no 2, but the rest is on track. They are really surprising their mommy - I did not think that I would be potty training them so early.
2. I am very stressed at work at present - hence I sometimes escape into this world of blogging.  
3. We have a family situation in my mother's side of the family that could potentially put her and me at opposite sides of an issue. Let's hope it does not get to this.But I am going to try and keep my opinion to myself.
4. I think I have a strep throat and will try to get to the doctor today. Have been feeling crappy for the last two days - hence, I only went to gym once this week (on Monday) and never made it yesterday.
5. A kid in the Lil' Miss' school had lice - oh my word, we get this little letter from school at least once every year. I am putting my trust in my Teatree oil spray that has worked every time to prevent transmission. She hates it and cried this morning when I put it on. 
6. While Hunter is going on a little fishing trip tomorrow, I am going to spend some time with my dear cousin Petru from Komatipoort. I am so looking forward to this!
6. With the 3 parties we had last weekend I am behind on posting the pictures. Will get to it though!
7. And last but certainly not least, what do you think of my blog's new look? I have also updated my blog lists - apologies if you should be there and I left you out - leave me a comment please.


  1. As always, your photos are beautiful!

    I am sorry your are sick. I hope you feel better soon and crossing my fingers for you that the lice stay away.

  2. You have a lot on your plate - hope things get better for you soon.

  3. I just love those shot of the cheeky dirty boy adorable are they?

    I wanna pinch their cheeks...

    Never was blessed with a boy-child

  4. Life is never simple is it? Hope your potential family issue doesn't give too much grief.

    The action shot of little J is great, I love the expression on his face :-)

    Your blog is looking great, I'm a big fan of clean and simple layouts, especially ones where I'm linked in the blogroll - thank you!

    Have a wonderful time with your cousin!

  5. Great photos' cat. Just great.

  6. A million yeahs coming your way on the potty training!!

  7. Potty training two boys at once? Holy moley! Bless you.

    Your pictures are gorgeous, btw...

  8. Your book club looks like a great group of gals!

    Love the pictures of your kiddos!

  9. You have the most fun all the time!!

  10. Have you had training in photography...because, you're so damn good!

    Seems a lot is going on in your life at the moment...hope your throat feels better soon. Will be praying for your situation with your politics...why should there be something like that:)

  11. I love the first photo of twins.....actually all of them

  12. Love the first three photos. The first one of the boys is just great and the cake mouth just makes it all the better. Looks like fun. My daughter is a drawer as well. I love to watch her and see all her creations. I used to love drawing as well. I totally understand what you mean about looking back at yourself when you were her age.

  13. Your kiddos are adorable. That C is gonna melt some hearts with those baby blues.

    So does your book club actually read and discuss books? Or is it just a front for drinks and good eats?!

    Happy FF!

  14. You have a real talent in your photographs!!!

    I am so jealous of the boys potty training...Jack is just not interested....

    Everytime I even hear about lice, my head starts to itch!!! Never heard of the tea tree oil preventative....good to know....

    Get that throat looked at and feel better!!!!

  15. I love these shots -- one of my favorite things in the world is pictures of kids being kids. These are magnificent!

  16. Love the new look! I really must make a plan to update my blogroll again too - it's so outdated by now already.

  17. Just loved this post... coming from SITS. Random, but are you going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore?

  18. It's very pretty and clean in here. Using Firefox, at least, your boy on the right is cut in half in your header, though.

    Gorgeous pics of a fun day!!! Your kids are beautiful.

    Yea! on the potty training. Good luck keeping your opinion to yourself!!!

  19. I hope you're feeling better! I also hope the issue within your family is resolved before any sides need to be taken.

    Ick...lice!! that just makes my head itch! Thankfully (knock on wood) I've never had it though. How does Tea Tree Oil help prevent it??

  20. @Lynette - no girl, had some very basic training as part of my studies with old film cameras, but the principles stay the same. Would love to do one though.

    @Amy - We actually do discuss the books we have read the month, but it is only a small part of it all ;)

    @Kat - ugh, wish I could but I am on the other side of the world. Would have been great.

    @Mrs 444 - I designed it for wide screen as apparently it is the way ahead. Does it look oh for others on wide screen in Firefox.

    @Barb - we have treatree oil spray the apparently deters the buggers. Seems to work.


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