Thursday, 4 February 2010

Female to female blog challenge.

As per usual, I am late, but I did it at least.
If I could I would make music (as in sing and play an instrument) the whole day.
In my kitchen cupboard is an Ina Paarman Cheesecake mix that I want to make.
On my desk is pure and utter chaos.
Image in my head is my happy place - sunset at Sardinia bay.
In the middle of my to do list is so much to do I can not even get my head around it.
I am dreading the chaos in our house.
Right now I want to sleep.
I think I need to get myself to think more positive.
Going to gym during lunchtime.


  1. Good on yuh for going to the gym, I am way to lazy for that:)

  2. Right now I'd like to sleep, but gotta drag these old bones into work!

    No Such Thing

  3. Cute! Sounds similar to what I would write.

  4. Ok I have been a horrible blog friend lately and I'm sooo sorry for that. I love your new layout!

    I wish I could sleep too. That and my hubbies mom is flying in today as an early Valentine's treat (Shhh it's a secret!). Like you, I have so much to do but don't know where to start. AAACK!

  5. Maybe I must buy a Cheesecake mix but my ass is already so big *sigh*


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