Tuesday, 6 July 2010

About the potty...

Somebody (Mr C) has been potty trained for months.

And somebody (Mr L) has not been. So yesterday Lucy decided to change tactics, go cold turkey and just told him that she is taking his nappy of and he must go to the potty. It worked! Not a single accident. He even had his nappy dry after his afternoon nap.

Here's hoping to see the end of nappies (during daytime in any event) soon!

I know that in general I potty train early - the Lil Miss was fully potty trained (including nights) at 25 months. Little man C was pretty much there at 29 months and Little man L is now 33 months old. I also know that some moms wait with boys until they turn 3. This is not about pressurizing them, but I truly believe if they understand what they need to do and have the physical capacity (can control their bladder), age is not really an issue. Thick headed stubbornness (which was the case with L) does however play a part!

Did other moms of twins find they also had to train them separately or did  you manage to do them together. We tried, but alas, did not succeed.


  1. Clever boy...
    I remember the potty training days...
    I can see why you want nappy free days ~ those poo nappies get to me as well!!

  2. Big milestone reached! :D
    Every mom know her own child/ren and know when is the best time!
    I still need to pass this hurdle...

    I hope this comment gets published. Blogger has swallowed mine, and your comment of today (Thanks for that, Cat!)has gone into the virtual trash bin! Very frustrating!

  3. I only have the one boy and he was potty trained by the time he turned 2. I was amazed at how quick and easy it was. I guess all children are different and do things at their pace. Glad your little man has decided to use the potty - extra cash for mama now :)

  4. Hang in there! I trained the girls seperately - Emma was first and everything went well. Abby was next and it took her a little while to get the hang of it. Wishing you well with the training.

  5. Thank goodness my kids all started potty training at school. Its an excellent group activity. They all go together. I would continue at home but always put nappies on at night until they were dry in the morning for a while. Convenience is everything for working moms.

  6. My nanny wants to start potty training Abigail and I'm thinking hell no it is way to soon, she is only 17 months old for peeeet sake!

    Well done big boy!

  7. Well done! You must please post a how-to guide on this potty training business so I can file it away for future reference?

  8. Well done little man :)

    I am a firm believer that when they are ready it is effortless!

    So much extra cash each month now :-p

  9. Potty training is a nightmare in our house so, I am no help to this regard:-)

  10. I also read something like "if you try to potty train at 2, it'll take the whole year but if you do it at 3, it'll take 3 days".

    Who knows? But I'm in no rush.

    HOWEVER if I ever get desperate, my two will be visiting Aunty Cat's potty training boot camp :)

  11. I trained mine at the same time and my daughter got it a few weeks before my son totally got it.

  12. Well done to both of them!!
    I did it when the boys were ready... before 3

  13. That is awesome!

    For us, its going to be an all or nothing thing. We tried just training Claire but she refuses unless her brothers are in on it too.

  14. I started training both girls at the same time but they were not potty trained at the same time.

    I've heard some folks also say it depends on maturity. I don't agree with that either. Because my daughter that trained much later than the other, is emotionally more mature than the one that trained earlier.

    I believe she was just in a stand off seeing who is going to blink first!! So, literally the day I bought those gastly plastic waterproofs to wear and she realized she is going to walk around with a noise maker that can be heard a mile away she was "cured" instantly.

  15. When it gets down to it, so to speak, kids really do know what to do. Bravo!

  16. well done! That's fantastic!

    Emma is and has been pottytrained day & night for a while now and Will.... not even close to started and he'll be 4 in October. UGH (he just doesn't undertstand the concept at all.)

  17. Potty training? *Mummy McTavish runs screaming from the room*

    It was hard... so hard... they just didn't care if they sat in their own filth... did.not.care.at.all.

  18. We started our two at the same time. Sarah picked up quickly and within a month was diaper free 24-7! Jacob got the idea to GO...but often had trouble holding it in, especially when he was busy playing. I think Sarah was 100% trained by age 2.5...Jacob closer to 2 years, 8 or 9 months. He still needs a pull up at night, too. He's always been a big night wetter and rarely wakes up dry.

    Hope the dry days continue!!

  19. Yeah! Sam has been doing great! No accidents and dry for naps. I'll be curious to see what happens with the girls and what age they are ready in comparison to Sam. Such a nice thing to have accomplished!


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