Friday, 2 July 2010

Friday - 2 July 2010:

Hi lovely friends,

It's been a freaking crazy beyond words hetic week at work and on Tuesday afternoon we said goodbye to our dear granny.  Truly, this week has been all about being crapped out by tenants and crapping out contractors on my side mediating between parties, removing columns in shopping centres (and watching as the engineer lets down the props that the buildings does not actually collapse) Ok this sounds all wrong - the engineers make precise calculations, check that it is all installed properly and then let them down, but I still catch my breath every time at these almost miracles. I digress, on to this week's pictures (with a pretty slim picking due to me being so hectically busy):
PhotoStory Friday
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  25 June 2010:

Parsley on the kitchen window sill in the late afternoon sliver of sun.

  27 June 2010:

 Neatly placed at Safari nursery - the princess loves her new rainboots that granny bought her.

  28 June 2010:

 Still pretty - flowers from a table arrangement I got from last Sunday's wedding.

  29 June 2010:

A yummy plastic food breakfast prepared just for you by our princess.

  30 June 2010:

 Little man C loves his slippers - hard to get him out of them. I am hoping the new sneakers I bought today will do the trick.

 182/365: ( Halfway -183 days left in the year)
  1 July 2010:

 My one azalea bush is flowering - I am sure it is completely out of season.


 And with Jen at Buried with children, I can not help sharing this bit of wearable art that was made at school yesterday:
Oh and she is!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I LOVE the I am special shirt :)

    And the gorgeous rainboots

  2. Great photo's you took this week.
    Love that last t-shirt really special.

    A few questions..about this challenge
    I want to try, Corrie said I should try for 30 days and see how that goes first.

    You take photo's everyday and post one of them under the date photo was taken..
    I want to start from 1st July.
    I see you all post on a Friday, can I post on a Saturday instead of Friday?? Will that make a huge difference and do you link up to anyone or just go ahead and do this??

  3. I am so sorry about your Granny. That made me sad. I hope your next week is not so stressful and crazy.

  4. Sorry abt the bad week. Love the rain boots and the rose!

  5. I now realize that if you are not a regular reader you might misunderstand the sentence regarding granny - she is fine, just went back to Port Elizabeth where she and Oupa lives.

  6. I am sorry that you had such a busy week and that its cold but I LOVE the shirt. What a great art project. :)

  7. Sorry about the stressful week.

    I love the small details that you capture in your photographs. The shot of the boots seems so simple, but I'm sure in years to come it will bring back such great memories. Same with the slippers. I love that.

  8. I love the plastic breakfast. If it's "made" with love then it must be delicious!!

  9. Fun photos! The girls are so cute and sweet and that flower shot is gorgeous!

  10. I love those rain boots. I think I need a pair for myself.


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