Sunday, 4 July 2010

Is it time for Africa?

By now, everybody world wide knows at least the Shakira song for the Soccer World Cup - "Waka Waka it's time for Africa". After Friday night's game, we know it was not time for Africa to win the World Cup in the form and shape of Ghana. But without a doubt it has been time for Africa to show the world that we can host a stunning world event. I see in the papers that South Africa is now a future "Plan B" for Fifa. And that quite possibly it's time for the summer Olympics to come to Africa.

Let me share this with you - a photograph in the newest edition of National Geographic (the article is a negative disappointment though) - it's time for Africa! For the uninformed, this is Soccer City, a 94 700 seat stadium in Soweto - our biggest, with Sandton/ Johannesburg CBD in the background. I now hear that SA rugby made the brilliant decision to have the Springbok/ Niew Zealand Tri-nations test here. Excellent idea. Now make the tickets a bit more affordable (like the soccer ones) and we will fill that baby up!
BTW - the video of the song on VH1 is such a disappointment - no credit to Freshly ground, almost no view of Bafana Bafana, no South African flag in sight. Just not right.I do like Shakira though - have always liked her style, but the video is not great. Then rather give  K'naan's "Wave your flag"

To all American friends: Happy 4th of July!


  1. I love that song as well...
    It sure is time for Africa to shine around the world.
    Everyone knows so much more about South Africa here in Germany now as there are so many programs about the country going out at this many Germans want to visit SA, but are worried about the HOT weather as they cant all handle the heat as not used to it..LOL

    What a stunning photo of the stadium....thanks for sharing.

  2. It IS time for Africa! Ke nako ;-)
    Have you been to soccer city? I have been twice - so amazing. In fatc I was blown away. I have also been to the Yankees Stadium in New York.... soccer city blows it away!!
    Will deffo be at the tri-nations! Can't wait. Maybe see you there? x
    PS _ I can't comment on your blog other than through my google account. But I am kirsty from The Weavers Nest x

  3. My girls and I know all the words to WAKA WAKA...!!!

  4. It is time for Africa...and we are showing the world that!
    I cannot get enough of these posts...that make me so proud!

  5. What a stunning picture. Thank you for remembering your American friends on this very important day for us!!

  6. Great song, great sentiment. Do you blow your vuvuzela when you hear it?

  7. That's a very awesome looking stadium! wow! Impressive sky line in the background as well. I don't think I've heard that Shakira song...might have to go look for it.

    Thanks for the 4th of July wishes!

  8. Our toddler LOVES the Waka Waka song, and starts bumping up-and-down as soon as she hears it!
    Great photo!

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