Wednesday, 28 July 2010

On popping pills.

All of us drink a multi-vitamin each day, or at least we are suppose to. And really, that's where it starts because these days it is just as much routine to have your Omega 3,6, 9 or whatever numbers with it. Those are the basics according to me.

Towards the end of last year I added Probiflora intense 9 strain to my hand full each day. It has been revolutionary in relieving my IBS symptoms So much so that it is the one I would not miss on any account although it does cost a small fortune.

But here's the thing - it's winter time. I am really going all out to avoid getting a cold or flu. Last year's swine flu was, well for the pigs. It was terrible. So, Hunter and I have joined the kids in drinking a cold and flu fighting supplement. So now I have 4 pills to swallow each day in the supplement department. I also have the not so small pill to swallow in the evenings by the way of a calcium and magnesium supplement recommended by Dr. Barbie my gynea, as it seems the start of menopause could once again be heading my way a bit earlier than the usual timing.

So my question to you is - how many supplements are too many? Which ones do I stop? And do you stop taking your multi vitamin when you drink the cold and flu supplement in winter? And what about the B vitamins which you then miss out on? I am really stressed at the minute with work and am worried that without my B vitamines I will get sick.

So what's your opinion on supplements and what is in you handful every day?


  1. I don't think you can take too many supplements. Your body will reject what you don't need anyway...

    You are doing all the right things. My mum has recently been diagnosed with severe osteoperosis and she regrets not taking her supplements when she was younger....

  2. I take a multi-vitamin and an antidepressant and I couldn't live without either.

  3. I am not a believer in supplements unless they are clinically prescribed.

    I only supplement (vit C / echinacea / vid D) when I/kids feel the onset of a lurgy.

    None of us have ever had flu so for now I am sticking with what works for us. :-)

  4. Going to fetch what I take from the kitchen...
    Hang on......

    Omega 3,6,9
    Osteofood ( vit and mineral formula )
    True food complex ( Vit B, C Magnesium plus full spectrum of food based nutrients )
    True Food Zinc ( with copper )
    1000 I.E Vit D

    At night I have a Serontone 5 HTP

    LaFamme ( as in going into menopause) take one every morning.


  5. I have a B12 shot every 3 months because I have pernicious anaemia and the alternative to regular injections is death. If my occasional blood tests show low iron I'll take iron tablets for a week or so until I get fed up with how crap they make me feel and just go with putting a bit more red meat into the meal plan for a while. If in future my doctor diagnoses any other deficiencies then I'll take whatever is prescribed. And that's it.

  6. Oh, and it's not true that there's no such thing as too many supplements. While there are some vitamins which the body will excrete excess of there (B12 and C for example) are others which it's perfectly possible to take a toxic dose of. So if you're doubling up on multi-vitamins and other supplements always check that your total dose of vitamins A, D, E, K and B6 and zinc, iron, chromium and selenium aren't exceeding recommended daily levels. (Possibly others too, those are just the ones I found mentioned here:

  7. I actually don't take any supplements but I really should.

  8. honestly?


    I give my kidlets viral choice daily and that's it.

    DH swallows a handful every morning.

    Me, not so much.

    Maybe it's time?

  9. LOL I was also going to add that you can take too much - the only one I know of is Vit C but we pee out the excess so that's not too bad.

    Anyway, when in doubt, call your friendly pharmacist :)

    I am SUPER bad at all this since the babies were born (can I still blame it on sleep deprivation)

    but when I do remember I take zinc (for immunity) and vit C (I always take vit C - the whole year). Usually I take a multivit too (anything going - usually Vital for women) but it ran out and I never replaced. I used to take a calmag one too but again, ran out and never replaced.

    Okay, this is going on my list for Aug - must get my act together again.

    oh, from about March, we all have an orange a day and I start cooking with more garlic to build our immunity. I'm never ever sick.

  10. Hmm I am a bad girl, I don't take any pills BUT I do drink chlorophyll everyday :)

  11. Oooh, the list :
    5-HTP x 2 daily
    Lipotropic Factors x 3 daily
    Milk Thistle x 2 daily
    Vitamin C (1000mg x 2 daily - sometimes 3 times if I feel flu heading my way)
    B-Complex (Prescribed by my homeopath)
    Adrenal Boost (thanks to vicious flu and stress last year)
    Thyrocaps - due to hypo-thyroidism
    and some days, depending on stress levels, which means most days - Biral.
    And of course, the obligatory Multivitamin just for good measure.
    Some days I forget to take the midday pills, but I don't stress about it.
    It is a bit crazy - but since I don't like conventional meds much, I have gone the natural route as much as possible.
    My opinion is that they're necessary.
    For the stress part = Biral and 5-HTP and Solal's Burnout, and consider Krill oil as well.

  12. I've been taking Fish Oil with Omega 3, Vitamin D, a Cranberry pill and Vitamin B. I hardly think I'm one who could say you're taking too much. LOL

    I'm curious to see if I can find the suppliment you found that helps your IBS. Would love to have some relief in that area myself.

  13. My list is like Wendy's
    Omega 3 + 6 + Evening Primrose Oil
    Solal - ACES Plus (Antioxidant)
    Solal - EGCG (to prevent cancer)
    Solal - Irvingia Plus (fat burner & I'm desperately trying to lose weight)
    Probiflora 9 (to keep my candida at bay)
    Cayene - to ensure I don't get the heredetary high blood pressure (it's working)
    Hair & Nail supplement (cos my hair is taking far too long to grow)

  14. I used to take about 5 a day until I realised that the extra calcium was causing my kidney stones!

    Now I take nothing...feels about the same, just less hospital.


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