Thursday, 29 July 2010


I am really loving the team-up challenge - it really gets you to look for a specific interpretation that you might not initially think of, as was the case for me this week.

Choosing a theme from last weeks photo's wasn't easy - there wasn't much to go on.  So i settled on wood (from the fence that Cat's son was climbing).  I thought it would be easy to get a pic of wood - not so much!  However, I spotted this tree on our way back from St Francis and got hubbie to stop so that i could take a few pics.  I took some in colour, and then also about 4 in B&W.  I thought the B&W one would be the breath-taking on, but no - the colour one is.  I'm sure if i had to photoshop the B&W they would be quite remarkable, but no fiddling allowed.  I do love  this tho as it showcases perfectly the stark beauty of the Eastern Cape right now.  We are still experiencin a severe drought, so not green green - but rolling hills abound and nothing for miles.  How blessed I am to be able to live in this beautiful part of South Africa.
Wood. What to do with Shayne's theme of wood. I had all these texture type pictures in mind with bark etc, or a wooden cross, and then I just snapped this one at the front door almost by chance. And it's proven to be the winner for the theme. I like the line s in it - and the roundness being echoed.
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  1. Love both your shots - what an interesting theme and you both interpreted it so well....isn't it AMAZING what this challenge brings out in us :0)

  2. TEAM ~ B~RRRRRRRRILLANT theme and what stunning stunning postcard photo's from you both...

    Photography is outstanding....from you both

    Love it...well done.

  3. you both have done so well, perfect photos:)

  4. Great great work again this week - dreamteam!!!!.
    Love both pics to bit - maybe yours a little more as sooo - cannot explain in english..... just BRILLIANT...
    Cannot wait for next weeks theme of the "dreamteam" :)

  5. Kerstin, you are way too sweet.

  6. Kerstin, you are way too sweet.

  7. Love the fence posts photo best! Wish I remembered to play along with this week.

  8. Lovely photos - especially love the fence posts! Well done!


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