Saturday, 7 August 2010

Friday - 6 August 2010

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I am a whole day late! Blame it on a hectic workday and evening power interruption last night and flat laptop battery.

  30 July 2010:

Yummy strawberries. All of a sudden my kids seem to love them just when they are still so expensive. I console myself that it's cheap to pay for heaps of anti-xidants
  31 July 2010:

The boys are just starting to get interested in dress-up stuff. But we only have princess and fairy pink things. So I started their box with cowboy hats.
  1 August 2010:

So this is what you do with old Avent breast milk containers - snack cups - fresh fruit salad, yogurt and raisins.
  2 August 2010:

My mom brought me a miniature rose on Sunday. These little blossoms are tiny and delicate.

  3 August 2010:

Every book lover's favorite sale- Exclusive Books Winter sale. This was the takings for the kids. Some for as little a R22,00.
  4 August 2010:

Remember my mom's flowering orchid plant? She gave me to strings on Wednesday - one with 5 flowers and one with 10 .To think you pay a small fortune for  single flower at the florist.
  5 August 2010:

I keep a small stock of treasures in the house - for birthday gifts or surprises when someone did really well with something. or in this case to counter cabin fever for a little girl that missed school the whole week due to being sick. Aren't these little guys cute? From MrPrice Home bought a while ago. She really enjoyed making and playing with them.


  1. I saw on Twitter last night while out at the Somerfest that you were struggling to post this entry ~ well I'm pleased its up this morning as the photo's are great and such a variety as well which I like...this week mine fell into PEOPLE and little of anything else...oh well suppose I will have those weeks,....and then weeks with NO people in them..
    But love the variety the strawberries on is so clear I want to reach out and eat them!!!

  2. Stunning variety of pics.

    Love the strawberries and the rose.

    CANNOT believe i completely forgot about the Exclusive Sale - what a banana i am!

  3. Love those dinos! They're too cute

  4. Love the flowers, berries and what a fun "sick day" activity.

  5. What adorable lil dinosaurs! I bet my kiddos would love something like that! Hope lil Miss is feeling better!

  6. Ag, wat is kyk darem 'n lekker ding...


  7. Gorgeous selection of photographs...and those orchids...breathtakingly beautiful.

  8. how awesome are those dinosaurs!?

    great pics, as always cat!


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