Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sometimes pushing the boundaries pays off

Like it did this weekend - more particularly on Saturday. I have to mention that Hunter and I had a brilliant date night out on Friday night - we had a meal at Ciao in Brooklyn Mall and then saw African Cats at Cinema Nouveau. If you like documentary movies - it is breathtaking and better on the big screen. So the weekend started on a happy note.

Saturday was a busy day - it just happened that way. Our lunch with Marcia was planned months ago and the Princess had a "had to go to" party the morning. We also got an invite from friends we have not seen in ages to watch the rugby with them and have a braai. Now we have been rather conservative with our kids - especially the twins and really have not been out much late at night with them and certainly  not after a back to back day.

But guess what - they really took it so much in their strides! I literally went to the party with the Princess (the boys stayed home with dad), left half an hour early to pick up the boys and drove to meet Marcia. There we left just in time (if it was not that little man L loved that climbing structure so much that we could not get him off I would have had more play) to be del;ayed by an accident on the highway and in stead of picking up Hunter we met him at our friends in Centurion. We had one nap each from the boys on our way there and back and no complaints (apart from some hair pulling in the car grrrrr!) and tears - happiness. And the late night on Saturday saw to a great nap on Sunday afternoon. We will certainly do this again - I might just not cut my time frames this short.
Old tractor at Forest Fun that actually goes!

Sunday was spent at home, finishing the planting of a huge quantity of clivias and just chilling. Finishing up with our favorite visit to the local park.
There were lots of ways to help daddy....

While others just dd what dogs do best - chill in the Spring sun.
 And this is how you know that I am one of those moms that believe in the therapeutic value of mud, sticks and barefoot play...

Playing along today with Angie
So do you push those boundaries or play it safe?


  1. I think Connor should come have a play-date with you - I would like to be that mom but in reality I do get freaked out a bit by the mess... when it comes inside :)

    Beautiful pics!

  2. @e0e489fc4ec6017f073ed0a9e8f2241a:disqus Nooo! That does NOT come inside - a good hosing down in the garden before a bath.

  3. Looks like it was TONS of fun.  We usually push the boundaries....

  4. I allow the children to mess as much as they like outside...very therapeutic...all those textures they play with.  It is wonderful that you had such a great weekend.


  5. Ah! Playing with mud just like a child should :) 
    You sure had a fun-filled weekend. Great. 

  6. Looks like an action packed wonderful weekend.  Those kids in the dirt and mud look like they're having a blast!  I wish we had some rain to go hop in a few puddles.  It's been way too long since we did that around here.

  7. @b8cb4dd2c9bf58511c5d9ef046eefbc2:disqus Gosh I wish it was mud from rain - we are in our very dry season. Rain should only really come early October. The mud was from watering our new plants.

  8. We are a play in the mud kind of family too.  Love it.  Baby OL discovered rain puddles lately, it was a battle to get her out of them.

  9. We often dont give them enough credit - glad they did well and you got to go out - I love those afternoon outings that lead to night times!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics. 
    I must admit that I don't push the boundaries - I tend to wait for my child to indicate whether he may be ready for something. I should push them more I think - I definitely give them both too little credit.

  11. Oooh, just love the muddy photos! I agree, kids should be allowed to get dirty, especially outside. My mom looks like she's about to have a fit when I tell her Nicola's allowed to get dirty - I swear if there's even a spot of something on her shirt she wants to change it.


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