Thursday, 12 August 2010


My team- up mate Shayne is, as we speak, on her way to a fantastic photo course - I am extremely jealous but hope she enjoys it and learn a lot that she will share with us in future. Hence, her post might be late today. To make it even better for her (and worse for me), she is going to take this course with our friend Lynette.


This photo was taken at one of our near empty dams on the farm.  It was evening and my littlest and I had gone for a walk - i took my camera along and played around with settings, iso levels etc - and this is one of the results of that.  the reflection of the sky in the water.  I think it is stunning.  Now if only i could take more shots like this!
It was Shayne's turn to pic a subject and I was delighted she chose water as I have been practicing for while with "freezing" water and fountains. So the first fountain I saw became the subject for today's picture. It is located in the very tranquil courtyard of La Campagnola in Bryanston Johanesburg. Anna serves really superb food too!

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  1. I'm jealous as well....hehehe
    but my time will come I know.
    In the meantime I practice and learn from the internet and books.

    Great shot from both of you this week.
    I'm scared of the theme, water..I always imagine having to take some fancy shot showing water falling, but you made me see that is not the case.

  2. Love the little drops - well done.
    Love water in all kind - except the water to drink ( I am never thirsty... don't know why and it is difficult for me to drink water without thirst). Nevertheless I love the theme and both of your photos - perfectly captured - well done ladies :)

  3. both these are so good!! very well done to the two of you!!

  4. I am sitting here on the farm under a down duvet...after star gazing earlier this evening. Shayne is lying in her bed reading blogs on her phone... Wish you were here!

    Great are really taking your photography to the next level.

  5. Very nice. LOVE taking pics of water :)

    ps I nominated you! Good luck mama!

  6. Great freeze frame with the drops mid fall - fab! Love Shayne's shot, took me a while to realise what it was as didn't read the story first, always tend to go straight for the pics and then go back and read...simply stunning!

  7. Looking at the fountain I can hear the water trickle over the sides. Lovely. and Shayne's picture is stunning. Initially I thought it was a picture taken of the sky, upside down! Fabulous!


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