Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tuesday bullets

  • Yesterday morning my trusty laptop died  - a "new" 6 month old hard drive crashed. Being without that and a smart phone left me suddenly in the days before social media. Now I am working on a dinosaur resurrected from the "graveyard" until I get my laptop back. It is painfully slow....
  • Yes, there was a post yesterday as it was pre posted, like tomorrow's and Fridays. That is the secret to my very regular blogging - I pre post a lot as I do not have the time very day. Today's was partially completed and saved in drafts - I just completed it.
  • I have a cold - just a head cold but it is enough to make me feel a wee bit meh.
  • Little man L has tonsillitis once again - the 3rd time in 4 months. For a little tyke who was supposed to have his out by 2 years of age, we have bought a good 18 months with the adenoids outs and grommets in and very little tonsillitis. I have already made and appointment at the ENT to just put an end to this.
  • The Princess is back at holiday school this week after 2 weeks at home after her operation. I have warned her not to play too rough at school and she seems fine. She sleeps with a soft wide Alice band at night over her ears and in 2 weeks we are seeing the doctor for her check-up.
  • Yesterday I met Tania for a quick lunch at Isabellas. It was great to meet her - wish I could meet more of you in such an informal one on one way. I am really way more comfy one on one than in groups. Marcia, are you next?
  • Tonight is book club - yeah! I really love going to book club and I really need to do a post totally devoted to the joys of the run of the mill book club.
  • My cousin P who used to live in the small town of Komatipoort has moved to the larger town of Klerksdorp and is visiting Pretoria this week. Tomorrow night we are going to dinner with my other cousin A after a quick coffee today . It is going to be really great catching up- just us girls.
  • On Sunday Hunter and I were married for 127 months, and I got beautiful flowers from him. (He does this ever so often- flowers on the 10th of the month. For the first year it was every month. It still is most months) I love this special touch from him.
  • The kids got little Play dough sets at the Wimpy on Saturday at the airport - a huge hit. One would guess they never get play dough, but I always make myself and we always have in the house (I do have a great recipe). I guess what did the trick was little bits of multi coloured dough and new cutters. It kept them busy for a good chunk of the weekend.
  • I made a blog for our high school reunion so that we can place proper profiles, also for people not on Facebook.(only about half of our matric class is on Facebook) You will not believe how many of them think I am some computer genius for creating this. I guess we are just not the computer generation. Just that few years too old, I think.
  • After puppy M and Bennie (our boy chicken) had a run-in last Sunday which left Bennie chicken gone to the great chicken heaven in the sky, the whole troop has now abandoned our driveway to move to safer pastures dogless driveways and gardens. Luckily the kids did not see a thing - it was nap time. At least we can still walk just a few houses along in the street and feed some chickens and bunnies.
  • Someone I know from work phoned me today to say that she is delivering a jacket to me. She bought it, and after wearing it for one day (yesterday) feels very uncomfortable in it (she is blond and very conservative in her dress style) and specifically the colour and as I complemented her on it yesterday, and she knows I love the colour (I have other pieces in that colour), she is giving it to me.  If it does not fit or I do not want it, I can pass it on to whoever I think would enjoy it. She did mention it was a cheapy and she hopes that I am do not take offense at the idea. As you all know I am all for recycling clothes, especially brand new ones that I look rather good in - so now I have a new light plumb warm winter jacket. I am so wearing it to bookclub tonight.
And that's all the news I have in our little world. What's news in your part of the world?


  1. Cat, me and you are the same. I too pre-post a lot of things. Do you know that I have pre-posts running up and until the 28th of August 2011? Yes, I have a lot to say ... In between I will do posts on a particular day if I have to say something "now" and then I just rearrange the other posts :)
    A head cold sure do make one feel "meh". Hope it gets better soon.
    I too prefer one-on-one - groups tend to make my mouth shut.
    I love the bullet point post of yours today :)

  2. Wow, I am amazed! Almost two months wort of posts? Nope, I just have a few in general - about 3 or 4 or so. But lots of notes for ideas in my book.

  3. Lynette Jacobs12 July 2011 at 19:35

    Heehee...so there is a heaven for chicken as well?  I must blog again...your post just made me realize it.


  4. I have about 10 things in drafts - usually a picture , a sentence, nothing major. I do tend to write "fresh" most of the time and always have WAY too much to say to blog. I think I could easily do 2 - 3 posts a day if I really spoke about everything. This is why that 2nd organising blog comes in so handy.

  5. Yes, I'm next! I can do 20th August. Are you keen?

  6. Awww....I LOVE when a man sees that love is in the details. LOVE that he brings you flowers sporadically on the 10th. That is just beautiful. 
    Would love you to blog about book club. I want to start one but have no idea how it works. Hope you are going to take a WIWT pic with the jacket.x

  7. Sorry about the laptop - mine is only going next week to be fixed so sharing with Cameron!!!

    Sorry about the tonsilitis :( not nice.

    PS - I am reading just battling to comment every day :(


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