Friday, 5 August 2011

WIWT edition 5

The WIWT series is to capture what we wore during a period of time - fun to look back on , but I also find other blogger's WIWT posts inspiring.

It's a nice warmish winter's day and Friday - which translates to jeans in our office. I am wearing:
black bootleg jeans (Woolworths, 2 seasons back), Blue leather shoes  (Woolworths countless years back but that's the thing with leather - keeps for years), Blue long sleeve T (Woolworths), Grey T shirt cardi (Zoot - last season), beads - KZN vendor and scarf (Marilyn's in Brooklyn Mall). Feeling comfy but I need to get to the hairdresser tomorrow!

In other news:
  • The Princess scored her first Netball goal on Wednesday. She was so excited!
  • The next term seem to be so full of things to be done. Am feeling a bit overwhelmed.
  • Due to being really just not "here" I did not realize that Monday is the ideal day to take leave and have a long weekend. Hence, I approved many people's leave for the day and did not put any in myself. I shall be holding the fort here. Stupid girl!
  • But Hunter has leave and Lucy is working, so maybe we can have a lunch date?
  • Had a lovely lunch with my friend Elaine yesterday and although we discussed heavy issues, it was so uplifting. 
  • Tomorrow will be some me-time at the hairdresser. Looking forward to that.
  • We had such a fun Bookclub on Tuesday. It was one of the girl's birthdays and due to the long weekend coming (for some) we had to have it this week. The girl hosting had a wonderful dinner, followed by cupcakes, candles, singing and Sponge Bob Squarepants party packs for us all. We giggled like mad. It was huge fun,


  1. LOVE your scarf!

  2. I can't WAIT for our "date"!

    Yes, go have a lunch with H on Monday - I plan to laze because V's working too (D is also working though). Actually I think I'll go see a movie.

  3. I love that scarf you are wearing as well as that jean. So stylish.
    Yay for scoring a goal in netball. That is awesome!
    You are not the only one who are going to work on Monday. With everything that was going on in my life, I too forgot that Monday could have meant a long weekend. 

  4. We also had a hairdresser day today - hope you had as much fun as we did!

  5. Looking great!
    Luckily I am taking an extra day tomorrow!;-)

  6. You look wonderful...I still haven't found the courage to post another WIWT...silly me;-)

    Your book club evening sounds fab and congrats on your DD's first netball goal.


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