Thursday, 12 February 2009

The big 4th Birthday part 3

So, at last, the big main party's report - I will keep it short with lots of pictures.

My BFF Hesti and I baked and decorated the princess cake by ourselves - I used Belle inside the cake as she reminds me so much of my own Little Princess. It is a bit of an institution and we have done over 20 cakes together through the years from trains to Rapunzel castles. The decoration took us about an hour.

The party favor boxes were simple cake boxes - the girls decorated with a pink or purple feather, ribbon and a crystal. They got a tiara as a party gift and a fairy wand made of a sherbet stick, a cardboard star and ribbon. The boy's were pirates and their boxes were decorated with a Jolly Rodger and a flag made out of paper and a sherbet stick. They got black bandannas as party gifts.

A pirate waving his flag and a princess (without tiara) checking out her wand.

The Princess of the day in her party dress.

The table - ready for the princesses and pirates. The "table cloths" were sheets of paper I printed out on our plan plotting machine
The cousins having fun on the playground equipment. We rented A's pre-school for the morning.

Sharing a joke between two princesses in the castle - with BFF Emma.

With my BFF Hesti and wearing my tiara as a princess.

H was such a sport with his bandanna and eye patch as pirate captain of the day.

The smallest pirate of the day, little Louis (4 months) getting some love from me.

Our princess and her cake after blowing out the candles - can you see the resemblance?

Some pirates and princesses eating away - it was the first time that The Boys sat at a party table and ate their special boxes filled with baby stuff.

After all the eating and drinking (we had beers and vetkoek -bread dough deep fried) with mince meat and cheese for the grown-ups plus some koeksisters (deep fat fried dough twist dipped in a sugar syrup), H switched on the main entertainment for the day - a huge water slide.

Friend Amelie in full speed.

One of the Hesti's twins (Sean) having a go.

The birthday girl having a turn - as the morning progressed she got bolder and bolder.

And a foam covered princess. At the end we had to call it a day (the temperatures were reaching 36 C - 96,8 F), she and cousin Ebert just couldn't stop. And after getting the two of them dressed - some dads had a go (don't tell the school!) H was so stiff and sore the next day he could hardly walk.

In the car, driving back home, she declared that this was her best party ever and that next year she wants a Mermadia party. Yes, every year, since her second birthday when she ordered a butterfly party, she orders her next party's theme almost immediately, and guess what, she sticks to it - for a whole year! And the best of all, she got heaps of books and a lot of craft sets as gifts and very little toys!


  1. what a perfect party for a beautiful little princess! everything looked wonderful. and that cake!

  2. What an AWESOME cake! One of my friends went to a local bakery because her 5 year old wanted a cake like that, they wanted almost 90 dollars for the cake. That is some real talent!!

    The party looks like so much fun, and the weather looks perfect. I am so jealous, I wish our kids had their birthdays in the warmer months. I guess our #5 will be the only one, with a June birthday, to have a nice outdoor party! I love the idea of pirates and princesses!!! Nice work!!!

  3. What an amazing party. My son turns one next week, so his party will be next weekend. Fun, fun!

  4. wow Cat! The cake, party favors and the REAL Princess are just beautiful!!! And that water slide looks like sooo much fun!!! You did a great job giving her a wonderful party! I Hope she enjoyed!

  5. I adore that cake! Turned out great. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. How fun!!!!

  6. The cake is gorgeous!!! And it does look amazingly like her. What a fun party. Happy Birthday Little Miss. I can hardly wait to see what your mom cooks up for next years party.

  7. Looks like a fun time. I am a new member of SITS

  8. What an amazing party! You and Hesti are fabulous cake decorators and creative party planners for certain!

  9. Wow! You really know how to do up a party!! Looks like the Birthday girl and all her guests had a great time!

  10. What a FANTASTIC party! You threw such a great Princess celebration! What a lucky girl!!!

  11. Great party! Love the photos.
    Dropping by from sits.

    BTW, I'm sponsoring a Valentine's Day giveaway on my blog, Zen Cupcake in case you're interested.


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