Monday, 1 June 2009

Makes my Monday

Playing along with Cheryl as per usual - alhough through a sleep deprived haze

What makes my Monday:

My mom (with her housekeeper Rosie) went for a walk down the street in her retirement village with her new knee. Up until 2 weeks ago she was hardly walking to her neighbour's door.

And joining Granny on her walk - The Little Miss took her bicycle. Little man l his beloved push car and Little man C Granny's doggy - one of the toys she keeps for them at her home.


  1. Awww that would certainly make my Monday too. Great picture. So happy she is walking about.

  2. oh that is so great. they are all just too cute.

  3. Oh, so great that your Mom is up and around and doing so well!
    And great that you could all enjoy a nice stroll together.

  4. Oh I love Grandma walking with Rosie...I just want to eaveslisten on that conversation...and as always, you progeny are 100% precious!

    Thanks so much for playing along, Cat!

  5. SO glad to hear that your mom is on the road to recovery!
    All my best to you and her!

  6. Aww...those would make my Monday too!!

  7. Glad your mom is doing so well!! Hope she continues to improve!!


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