Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Trusting your instincts...and Two for Tuesday

I have learned two things yesterday - always trust your instincts where your kids are involved and Little man L is just not your run of the mill kind of kid.

This little voice in the back of my head kept telling me that maybe he is sick. But everybody kept saying how healthy he looks, happy he is during daytime and what great daytime naps he was taking. And I agree - he looked really healthy. So I phoned the Paediatrician's office yesterday, asking for an appointment, just to be told by missus gestapo receptionist that sleep problems are not emergencies and if he does not have fever and is healthy on all other accounts, doctor can not see him - she has no openings (you can tell it is RSV season over here). So I made a snap decision, phoned my family doctor and made an appointment at her colleague that specialises in children - she saw The Little Miss earlier this year with her UTI. She is great with the kids and will refer you to the Paediatrician if she feels it is necessary and she is a mom of twins too! I love this girl - my new favorite doc. And yes, he is sick - tonsillitis and bronchiolitus - so there you go Dr Paediatrician's receptionist, not such a great diagnosis by you. Better stick to making out bills and such.

We have suspected for a while that he has a very high pain threshold and this confirmed it once again. I will have to look so much more carefully at him as he does not quickly feel that he is sick.

I bribed our dear Lucy into sleeping with The Boys last night - I really needed one night's sleep, and she reports that he slept right trough. Little man C very briefly woke up 3 times though - his sleep pattern is a bit disturbed off course. So tonight, both will get a bit of sleep medication as prescribed by the doc for 5 nights until we are back into routine. Funny how I am grateful that he is sick - that at least we know how to fix the situation.

Two for Tuesday.
I am not sure if Deanna still hosts this, but I have a great one. I love to dress my kids in babygrows ( I think you call it sleep suits) as long as possible as it is so comfy - wish you got some adult sized ones. The problem though is that only one retailer makes it in a size bigger than 18 months and then you are really lucky if you find some in the store. So I bought The Boys their first big boy winter pj's last week and tried to get a photograph of the two little monsters in their monster pj's. My gosh, it is getting so hard to get the two together and still for like one second!

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4 - perfect, don't you think! My very handsome little men,


  1. Ack! Poor Little man L :( Go you for following your gut there. And yeah for knowing now...but yikes!! I hope he feels better soon.

    And oh my gosh, that last photo is adorable!! (And thanks for posting the first ones, those totally made me laugh :) )

  2. oh sheesh! Glad you followed through and got him checked out. Sorry to hear he's ill though. Glad there's hope in sight though...and that he feels better sooN!

  3. Oh! they are just adorable! Love those monster pjs!

    So glad your doc was willing to see Little Man L! good for you!
    I hope the boys sleep well for you tonite.

  4. Aww, hope he's feeling better soon.


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