Tuesday, 4 August 2009

July 2009 - Book no 23

In stead of trying to catch up on books from January, I would rather review them as I go along and catch up on the rest as I go on. As you can see, I am right on track with my target - actually 2 books ahead of schedule, but believe me with what I am busy at present, I am going to need that bit of play.

Book 23: The Secrets of the Notebook by Eve Haas.
I can not find this book at Amazon, but it is published by Harpertrue in the United Kingdom.

Imagine fleeing before the Nazi's and leaving your aged Grandmother behind, hoping she would go unnoticed. Imagine not hearing from her after 1943. Imagine being shown a notebook by your great grandmother on your 16th birthday, just to be denied reading it until you mothers death. And imagine finding out that you are the decedent of one of the biggest war heroes and wealthiest princes to have ever lived. And that you are not even Jewish. And that your Gran was murdered by the Nazis who was one of this prince's biggest admirers.

Yes, this is what Eve Haas finds out in a long search for her origins. It is a well written and fascinating story exploring the Prussian, Nazi era and cold war eras at the same time. What is even more amazing is that this is a 100% true story. I have not told you half of what happens, so do read this little book, it is a great read.
A fascinating 8,5/10

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