Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Wordful wednesday - On growing up and taking responsibility.

Playing with Angie for Wordful Wednesday....

She has been begging for a Kitty Cat ever since she was just a tiny tot. Poor kid - with a brother hugely allergic to cats, there is just no chance. Then she set her sights on goldfish, which we were planning to get by the weekend, to come home on Monday from school with a little animal project.

The 5 year olds were all given a silk worm "farm" to care for and observe. As she is a January baby and can therefore be set ahead a year in class (and was deemed responsible enough), she (as a 4 year old) were also given the opportunity. My, she is so thrilled with them and excited - it is just so cute! According to the letter they must take care of the worms themselves (under our supervision), try to draw the life cycle as they observe, make one silk item and see if they can keep the eggs to come out again next year. (To be honest, this is bringing back so many great childhood memories for me)

On Saturday morning I gave her her first chance to play a computer game. I am quite old fashioned where computers are concerned so I do not expose them too quickly, but she loved it. I was quite surprised how well she did with the mouse. She played the Tinkerbell dressing up game.

I always want to play along with Missy on Wednesdays but can never remember the little bits of cuteness on a Wednesday. This one happened this morning - so by luck, I have one:

So she asks me:
A: Mommy are you a grown-up?
Me: Yes, well, I hope so.
A: I really hope so too Mommy.
I continue putting on my make-up and next she goes:
A: And Jesus is the biggest grown up ever!

Oh my sweet child, I love it how real Jesus is to her.


  1. Thanks for playing along! So sweet! I love when my girls talk about Jesus and Heaven!
    So cool that she is a Silk Worm Momma for a few days. You can see just a huge grin on her face!!!!

  2. She's been having all kinds of fun lately!

  3. oh yes, once it starts they beg all day long!

  4. the way that kids see and love Jesus is just beautiful.

  5. She is SUCH a doll baby! (I LOVE your perspectives on computer as a "treat" too!)

  6. SO COOL! And she looks so proud! Love it!

  7. She melts my heart. I don't know if I have ever seen a silk worm in person.

  8. Don't they come out with the most profound things!! I have a miss 4 who looks and sounds very much like yours. Your blog is lovely :)

  9. I love it. She is so sweet! I also love to hear my kids talk about Jesus. It's heart-warming.

  10. She is so adorable! I have never seen a silk worm, how cool is that for a class pet?!


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