Wednesday, 6 January 2010

January 2010: Book no 1

Infanta by Deon Meyer (Available in English as Devil's peak at and also as a Kindle book.)

In a sense this book is written in a slightly different style than all the other books by Deon Myer that I have read. From the first few pages you are aware of who the murderer is, but it's the question of whom the guilty party is that haunts you to the end. Excellently written and as usual so well researched, this book also provides and insight into the post apartheid police force and the escalating crime and violence in our country.

It is however the excellently and sympathetically drawn characters that provides the real strength of the book. Each and every one is so very real - each with their own ghosts from the past and dreams for the future.

Not only is Deon Meyer seen as the best crime thriller writer in South Africa, but having his books translated into 20 languages just proves how popular his books are.

I see that 13 uur (13 hours) that I read last year has now been released in the USA, UK France and Russia.
A good 9,5/10.

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