Thursday, 14 January 2010

Just another reason why he rocks.

I believe in a good marriage each person need their own "things" - be it hobbies, sports or taste of music. If used correctly they enhance the relationship and provide new interests for both. Those of you who has taken the time to read my profile will know that I love classical music - in fact, my radio in the car is almost permanently stuck on Classic FM. If not that, then I have ABBA or Mamma Mia on the CD player. No surprise that the first phrase I hear Little man C singing was "Honey honey, how you thrill me" (and he can't even speak English!) My ipod is jazz orientated, with a bit of classics thrown in.

Now Hunter, he is a hard-rock boy - all the years. I have learned to love Guns and Roses, to listen to DefLeppard and to tolerate AC/DC. In turn, he has learned to love the classics and listen to the sulky Dianna Krall. With a smirk he got into the car the other day, wielding a cd and with a wink informed me that our kid's music education is about to start. So as DefLeppard filled the air, I was expecting protests. The Lil Miss keep saying. mommy, mommy......Eventually Hunter turned to listen to her, and she said "Turn it up, I can not hear the music!" We have a rock chick in the making. But I digress...

Driving back from our holiday in December, I put Mr Hunk himself, Michael Buble on the CD player. Hunter tolerated it for a bit, and then asked if we can not please change the CD. Suffice to say, not a big fan - has never been. But on boxing day, he sat and watched a Michael Buble concert with his dad and after seeing Mr Charming on the Royal Gala performance on New Year's eve, Hunter had this to say: "He might sing jazz, but boy Michael Buble rocks!"

And that's just another reason why you rock my dear Hunter. Off to buy a DVD for joint entertainment...


  1. Hi Cat, Left a little reply to you on my blog in comments about mammograms. Lovely to hear from you.

  2. You have a great taste in music! And your husband and my husband's taste in music is very similar.

  3. We see alot of him on the UK tv...he is brilliant I love him and his music ...good taste u have!!!

  4. My husband and I are 6 years apart and nothing shows the age gap more than our taste in music. So, it is nice when we find someone that we can agree on:-)

  5. I have heard that Michael Buble is awesome in concert!
    How funny how different your tastes are. Russ & I are the same :)

  6. So glad I found you! What a delightful blog you have.


  7. There isn't much in the way of music I don't like. Rap....might be the only genre I could do with out.

    I love that your Little Miss likes Def Leppard.

  8. Definitely our hubbies have the same taste, I too tolerate his choice in be honest I actually like some of it, but don't tell him that too often. The kids love his rock music, Joshua is forever dancing around and pretending to be a rock star "bless him"


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