Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Where we're at today...

  • I am at work. Busy day. 2 Major meetings, one minor.
  • Hunter is not. Officially he is on leave and is suppose to be by now somewhere in the big wide open spaces of the Free State.
  • Now he is spending the day at home with 2 sick kids (possibly 3). 
  • He is doing a lot of DIY things at home.
  • He spent his day yesterday replacing a car battery, fixing the one broken alarm sensor in the home, replacing a pipe in one of the cars and taking 3 kids to two doctors at two different times.
  • He is without a doubt the most dedicated husband and supportive father this world has ever seen. Njannies -kopĂȘla. Trues Bob!
  • If all goes well and my prayers are answered the kids will be better and he on his way to those great open spaces by tomorrow morning early.
  • I am feeling extremely guilty about the fact that he has lost a day of his vacation due to the kids being sick.
  • At the same time I know it is not my fault but I somehow feel that I need to make up for this.
All just part of being a parent and having kids. And I am so happy that I am sharing this adventure with the most wonderful man. I love you my sweet Hunter, I love you.


  1. You one lucky lady is all I can say....enjoy him and never take him for granted!!!

  2. ugh - shame!!! I hear ya! I had 3 sick kiddies last week too.... and a sick hubby!! It was not pretty! x-x
    Hope he gets away soon and the kids are better for you!

  3. You guys make a great team:-)

  4. You have a wonderful hubby!!!! Cherish him always!!!!! Life is so very short.....

  5. Thank goodness for great hubbies!! And what a good mommy for sending him off - hopefully he's on his way by now!

  6. It is all teamwork my dear friend...nothing to feel guilty about.

  7. Aren't wonderful husbands just the best? :)

    I hope your kiddos are feeling better by now!!


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