Thursday, 18 August 2011

August 2011 - Book 21

The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards

Lucy returns home after her mom is injured in a car accident and amidst a troubling time of change in her life - well reflected by the ever present earthquakes in a then country of residence, Japan. She leaves her beloved Yoshi amidst his own turmoil to face her place of origin.

Back home at the Lake of Dreams, Lucy discovers a family secret that compels and grips her, almost away form the reality of life at present.Her old love Keegan also finds his wat into her life once again.

I just love stories about artists and long forgotten family secrets - thus this book was an obvious choice out of the bookclub library. But it is also a well written and easy read for all. I love how I managed to build the places so well described in my imagination without ever finding the author's descriptions too long or detailed.

A great bookclub read - 8/10


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog today for my SITS feature! i really appreciate the support : )


  2. I have just read this book and then remembered that you had done a review, so came back to read.

    I did enjoy this - a very easy read and her descriptions of The Lake of Dreams and the glass windows was excellent.

    I did think that it was a tad too slow tho, she could have picked up the pace a bit.

    I gave it a 6/10.

    I did LOVE her other one, The Memory Keepers Daughter x


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