Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Friends are good things...

to share some time and some cake.

Last weekend we had our best buds and kids over for the traditional potjie and rugby Saturday late afternoon/evening ritual. It is truly amazing to see this lot grow up together. We as families have been through so much together - 2 weddings, 6 kids, 5 pregnancies, one car accident (Hunter) and one paragliding accident (the other dad - S).  The two biggies had their icies together in the hammock, while the little ones played around or in Little man C's case - fooled around.

 I bought a giant cupcake pan from Mr P Home that I want to use for the Boys' birthday and tested it out. And left the two biggies to decorated it for us - not much left from the cupcake shape actually! But it was good. In fact- it was as great as the evening was.

Do you have friends like this? The type that just makes the world a better place?


  1. Ag it looks nice. That cake looks divine!

  2. It is actually kind of sad. But we dont have friends like that.

  3. I love C's playfulness :) and thanks for sharing those cupcake pans. I used to use a soup bowl (let's just call it repurposing) and do one of those cake in a jar things in it but yours is MUCH prettier :)

    Yes, I do have friends like that - they are precious!

    In fact, Connor's been picking up the phone a LOT and when I ask, "who are you phoning?" he says, "Aunty Carmen". Shame - I had to text and tell her and then we dressed him in a t-shirt she gave him to make him feel closer :) (these kids kill me with their cuteness)

  4. @e0e489fc4ec6017f073ed0a9e8f2241a As Shayne warned me beforehand, they are big! I guess takes 1 and a half to 2 batches of standard cake dough

  5. A Daft Scots Lass6 September 2011 at 15:19

    the right handside of the the cupcake pan confused me.  How do you stand up a swirlie-wirlie rounded cupcake bottom like that?

    Oh Wait I just figured it out!!! Stoopeedo me.

  6. Our cell group are our closest friends.  We can just be ourselves with them and they are always there in a crises.  They are such a blessing to us and I am sure your friends are to you too.

    The biggies did a great job with the decorating;-)

  7. LOVE the cup cakes!! Special friends are so hard to find! I have a few and I love them to bits! My blogging friends are just as special in their own way!

  8. We don't exactly have anything that close - although we do have many different friends with which we are kind of close. I'm a tiny bit jealous of that, I'd love to have that kind of friendship!

  9. Jeez! But that is a big cupcake - wow! :)
    Friends like these? Most definitely :)
    Glad you have friends like that. 

  10. We can't do life without our friends! Just yesterday we were amazed at how quickly time has passed! We have been together with some of our friends through weddings, and divorces... ;-) AND kids!
    Great cupcake! Looks like so much fun!

  11. I have a friend just like that. She's awesome.

  12. My oath!! Those cupcakes are ENORMOUS!!


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