Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Some days....

just rolls you and spits you out at the other end and that's it! I feel like the combined forces of maladministration teamed up yesterday against me, and me only! Not only did I get to deal with a person that can not read internet payment receipts and tells me that a transfer made out of our business account went into it, but also that she has ignored 3 previous mails and have taken action against me for the company not paying an account due at en July and paid in March! While the 4 other accounts paid into the same account on the same date for others in the office there are no issue with. Flippin incompetent person that has illegally tried to scrap me from the roll! There will be action about this and formal apologies insisted upon.

I was also threatened by a very angry person trying to make a totally unfounded fraud case against me because I forwarded and email as requested by a party from another party - totally normal run of the mill business request we deal with daily. Apparently her signature on the document was fraudulent. Now how on earth could that be me that is the guilty party? Let's just say our lawyers are  dealing with her and will by taking action against her if required. Trying to solve this amicably and to forgive her that she acted in frustration and anger and leashed out at the first name she saw, which happened to be me!

And to top it all my dear mobile phone provider has not only failed transferring my account to the business for 5 months, but after rectifying it, continues to deduct from my account and not the business one. And at amounts that do not correlate with anything billed!

Gosh, it sounds like an extract from a soap opera! I just totally had to cut out from all this! It is crazy - and to think of it that the first issue was dealt with by our accountant initially, the second issue was dealt with by a totally 3rd party that I tried to help and the third issue was dealt with by our secretary. And now I sit slap bang in the middle of the lot! Frustration!

Thanks goodness it was bookclub last night with one of our members in her 50's announcing she is getting married - they are so totally in love it is adorable, and lots of laughs from the girls about my day, another girls' stories about a concert she has to perform in and someone else telling us about her crazy extended family. Good times, good wine, great girls. And I returned to my hubby that listened to me once more! Now if we actually slept well last night it would have had a good ending, but alas we did not - amongst L that had a headache and woke up his brother, I tossed and turned about the day.. Here's hoping that tonight we return to the better sleep we are getting used to.


  1. Oh my goodness! It seems yesterday was a pretty bad day all around - I had similar frustrations regarding incompetent people not reading mails, etc. That's really crazy about all the fraud cases and action and stuff against you - how absolutely horrible! (ok my yesterday doesn't seem nearly as bad now).

    I hope today goes FAR better!

  2. I also didnt have the best day yesterday :-/

    Hope today was better :)

  3. Maladministration kills me! My ISP billed me extra this month for some unknown reason too - I had to tell them, of course :)

    At least you had book club! and H :)

    I had bad sleep (for me) last night too - my back was KILLING me and at 4:30 I got up for a Norflex - of course it's hell until it kicke in and I drift back off to sleep

  4. HI Cat -
    This is in response to your comment on Allie Chilling
    I love the Afrikaans bible!
    I often get DH to read that version and compare it with mine and find a simple clarity in the Afrikaans.
    How wonderful that you should have that understanding all the time!
    It shifts many perceptions . . .

  5. Sounds like a horrible day in deed!  I pray tomorrow is better and all who slighted you can see the light and are big enough to say they are sorry and mean it.  Hugs from California!

  6. Incompetancy is the bane of my life.  either do your job or don't do it at all!

    I hope that today was better and that you get a good nights sleep tonight.  sorry I couldn't chat earlier, would have loved to .


  7. I hope tomorrow (today?) is a better day!

  8. Eish that's just one insane day!! Hope tomorrow is better, and you get to sleep tonight

  9. Days like those need to end with a glass of wine. Glad you had some time with your girlfriends

  10. Goodness. Hope you don't have another day like this again ever :)

  11. I can't handle incompetency and the excuses that usually follow.  Awful to have so much going on at the same time.  It is also difficult to deal with these things when you have had broken sleep. I feel for you, my friend.


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