Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A jam-packed weekend of fun.

It literally was completely! We were so busy, I am still catching my breath. Add to that 95 degree plus weather and you have lucky but tired kids.

On Friday night was off course The Little Miss' long awaited school concert. The change in one little girl in one year was amazing. Last year she was sort of shy, and not doing much of what was expected. This year she went all out for it - sang so hard that we could hear her little voice and diligently did all the movements required.

The Boys waiting to see the concert.

The concert was outdoors and the weather was perfect - just close to sunset. The banner had Merry Christmas in many languages, and lights in the trees and under the banner completed the decor. This is the under 3 squad doing their 3 songs.

They were shepherds and angels.

One of the cute little angels.

And then came the 3 to 6 year old group. The Little Miss is the most left hand bell in orange. Here they are singing "We three kings" after they entered on "The Little Drummer Boy".

The stars are the 6 older girls in the school. Below, a little drummer boy and 4 Christmas trees. Here they are singing "Away in a manger".

And this is "O Christmas tree" - the other boys were sugar canes and reindeer. Also on the programme was: Jingle bells, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, A Rhyme about the clock ticking for Christmas eve, a rap version of Twinkle Twinkle little star, Silent night (2 verses) and ending with We wish you a Merry Christmas.

Receiving her medal for sports achievement from coach Annique. They do a sports programme involving basic gymnastics and ball skills.

They couldn't get the medal to go around the bell!

And our sweet little Christmas bell.

And then Christmas father came and each child got a present.

Getting some loving from Grammie.

And a hug with Teacher Annique.

And best friend at school Fedario who will move on to "big school" next year.

She told Christmas father that she wants a kitten for Christmas. No such luck, mom thinks.

On Saturday afternoon we had the Christmas and year end function of the local chapter of SAMBA (South African Multiple Birth association). This time we did not take a group photo - the organization would have been huge - present were 18 pairs of twins, two sets of triplets and parents, grandparents and sibling.

The Boys enjoying the special baby party packs that SAMBA made.

Our little princess with her twin friends Courteney and Nicole. They handed out the party packs and did such a good job!

They were the first to spot Santa!

Having a chat with Santa. She loved her Tinkerbell make-up bag and make-up.

Well, I for one had enough of Santa! We had our family pictures done on Sunday morning and I am so happy with them. And Dad was a star - he agreed the night before to be on a family picture and the happily went on doing everything the photographer wants. Just one of the reasons why he still rocks my world - he would set aside his own opinions to please me. And the kids did great! What helped is that the photographer was so professional - I got 97 pictures as proofs and all these were taken in 40 minutes! I just can not choose - there are so many gorgeous ones. So I just bought the whole lot as electronic files and will then print as I need. I promise to publish some tomorrow - getting the DVD today!

Today I am thankful for my hubby's great spirit in posing for the photos.


  1. oh how fun, that looks like loads of it!

  2. Lots of fun!

    So glad the photos turned out too! Can't wait to see them!


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