Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Way back WHEN sday

Today we are going way, way back..... almost 39 years to be exactly.

Timeline: December 4 1969.
My age: 1 year

Me and my mommy on my first birthday. Yes, none of my kids looks anything like me as a baby.

So, hop over to Cheryl's and play along too.


  1. you were a beautiful little girl. hard to imagine being one, huh?

  2. what a cutie pit you sweet!

  3. look at how cute you were.

  4. OH! Cat, look at the happiness on your mom's face. :) Makes me weepy! (Especially with your little hand behind her neck.)

    Happy Almost Birthday! (Hee hee, mine's today!)

    Thank you so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday!

  5. Oh cat, how sweet!

    Happy almost-birthday! I hope your 40th is fabulous!

  6. What an adorable baby!!!!
    ps I think that your little Miss looks a bit like you :)

  7. sweet pic of you and your mom. You are the cutest little baby.

  8. how sweet! Makes me want to pull out my baby pics and scan some in to share! Might have to raid my mom's photos next time we're home.

  9. Happy Birthday to Cat...guess what?
    You won a li'l something! Go see!
    Hope you are having a WONDERFUL day!
    ( must've known it was your day...)


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