Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Way back WHEN sday

Timeline: 2 February 2008
Age of The Boys: 4 months

We have been experiencing huge amounts of heavy rain over the last week. And temperatures have dropped slightly to give some much appreciated cooler weather after the extreme heat of two weeks ago. It is wreaking havoc though resulting in colds, tummy bugs and yes, croup. But just in case we think it is unseasonal, this photograph was a year ago and it was cool enough to dress the babies in long sleeves! Look how they still napped in one camping cot during daytime! My, but they have grown!

Pop over to Cheryl's at Twinfatuation to share some precious memories.

Talking of memories, we have all been touched by little Tuesday's death and as we are so far away and our currency is worth nothing in the USA, our prayers are the best we can offer.Now, there is one more thing we can do to honor her memory: we have decided to join in the virtual parade for Tuesday on Saturday in some form or another. Please pop over to Life, liberty and the pursuit...(click on this button), and join in too.


  1. Oh Cat, they are too precious...their skin is just so soft looking! What dolls. Hope croup vacates the house soon, and THANK YOU for the tip about the "Wagie Ride" for Tuesday. :)

    Thanks for playing along with Way Back When-esday, Cat!

  2. You are definitely in the opposite season than we are here in the States. Even though I live in the South, it is even cold here today.

    The babies are so so cute!

  3. I miss those days! What sweethearts :)

    We are so taking a wagon ride in the snow. I can't wait to post those pics!!

  4. I just love me those twin boys. so cute.


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