Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Summer sickos down here.

Yes, I have a Sunmer cold. Gosh, I hate it. It is so much worse than in Winter when you can curl up with some hot chocolate under a blanket or such. A Summer cold means you are sweating in the heat, your head is pounding in the blinding sun and you get so much less sympathy.

As as you know, mom can never be sick - she must hold the fort for all. So in order to ensure mommy really gets no sympathy The Boys promptly displayed the same symptoms as me. Fun I hear you say? Well, at least tonight is bookclub night - looking forward to that! Dad can deal with the other two sickos at home - I am escaping to 3 hours of fun with the girls.


  1. Sorry to hear you're all sick! Hope you feel better soon! Yeah for book club night! What are you reading now?

  2. I hear ya! Both me and my daughter are sick today. I brought antiboditics home for her and I fear that means a trip to the doctor for me too:-(


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