Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday - 8 January 2010

PhotoStory Friday
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Zinkwazi holiday - part 2: Some of the playing around with the new camera pictures.

Mommy's Idea
I am just loving Friday fragments- so tempting to be able to just wrap up the week in little tidbits.

I am convinced that PMS starts at age 5 -a sobbing (over nothing) Lil Miss told me yesterday afternoon that no, she does not know why she is crying, and yes, she has no idea how to stop crying - she just wants to cry. Sounds familiar?

Made a "no sew" tutu for her birthday last night - took me about an hour and came out brilliant. Will publish pictures on Monday.

It is party capital at our place at present - getting things ready for birthday celebrations next week.

Back to school shopping is done and dusted - school starts on Wednesday - one little girl really need to get to school - boredom is setting in. (Our school year runs from January to December).

Looking forward to riding again tomorrow - wow, it's been 2 months!

We have quite a bit to do at home tomorrow - tidying, organizing etc. Will feel better when all is done and dusted.


  1. LOVE the pics. The second is my favorite.

    I'm totally with you on PMS starting early...holy COW am I with you on that one. Gotta blame my 7 year old's come aparts on something. :)

  2. Great macro photo's CAT...
    You are getting the hang of that new camera and having such fun...
    i went for a walk with mine yesterday, I love shooting, but prefer shooting people...

  3. I like that photo of the blossom, nicely done!

    My oldest is off to high school this year, haven't started his back to school shopping yet, he needs all new everything pretty much, I think I'm in denial! We do have till the end of the month though.

    Happy FF :-)

  4. Love the shongololo!
    LOL at her PMS'ing already, glad I've got boys :)

  5. Cat the photos are great...thanks for sharing!!
    Sorry for the tears...tender souls have a tendency to yearn moren than others. A good cry is not always bad. But I will say, I bottle a lot up in side and then there are those times that everything I keep in has to come out...good luck! I will lift her up in Prayer!

  6. Love those captures and that you made a tutu in an hour. Brilliant!

    Happy FF!!

  7. Your pictures keep getting better and better.

  8. I'm loving your Friday Fragments, and your photos are amazing!

  9. I love the shongololo :)

    Lovely photos! I am also finally done with school stuff!

  10. The last photo is my favorite! One day those will be bigger vehicles. :)

    And with some girls, I think the PMS starts earlier than that. Hang in there.

  11. Great photos! I especially like that second one.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog about potty training. I had not thought about using a doll to help, but I think that might go over really well in illustrating the point.

    And 39 books read last year! Amazing! I didn't finish my book in time for book club today (even though I stayed up late trying), but still plan to finish it this weekend (making my total 3 in the last 22 months. pitiful, I know). I know I need to do a better job of carving out some time for reading. Will have to make some sort of reading goal for this year.

  12. Please do NOT tell me that PMS starts that early... my daughter is only one, but I can already tell she will one day be a teenage-terror. Now you're telling me I have to start worrying about those mood swings before kindergarten? Nooooo! Can't I stop time?

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  13. Very nice job you are doing with the new camera. Good shots!

    I think PMSing starts at 2, my daughter cries and says "I NEED chocolate".

  14. LOVE the pics - and there's some serious cuteness going on in your header! ;)

    I totally agree about the PMS - I did read somewhere that when you have a girl, she 'mimics' your monthly cycle. I have noticed when it's my PMS week, Princess Nagger is seemingly PMS-ing, too...ugh! I also blame the full moon on hubby's PMS cycle...(snicker!)

    I'm intrigued by the 'no sew' tutu - will you be posting instructions and pictures? (hint, hint!) :)

    Enjoy your weekend - good luck getting ready for party central! :)

  15. Living in a house full of women, I shall refrain from exploring the PMS comment any further :)

    Beautiful shots here -- well done!

  16. Gorgeous pictures! I just love the second picture and the one with the little worm.

    My daughter is very similar. She cries at EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. She's 5 1/2. I'm scared. ;)

  17. FANTASTIC photos! You have a brillant eye and boy, that camera is certainly liking you :)

  18. okay, I'm hangin' out for monday with the no sew tutu... I'm not really sure why when I have three boys but maybe for gifts... I find girls really hard to buy for!

    Loved all the photos, you sure are having fun with your camera!

  19. The second photo is my favorite for sure! So pretty =)

    Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating next week!

  20. "I don't know why I'm crying..." LOL


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