Friday, 8 January 2010

February 2009: Book no 5

Book 5: Norrevok by C Johan Bakkes.

Firstly, apologies to my English readers - this book is in Afrikaans and not available translated. However, his other two books have been combined and translated into: To Hell and gone.

Johan Bakkes is an adventurer by heart and an academic by day. He also tries to be a father and husband and in his own words describes his wife as being and angel as she let's him tramp off on adventures on is own at every whim. He finds (well, more like places) himself in some of the most remote and least visited places on earth and tells the story in his own unique and entertaining way (and swearing along as he speaks).

Definitely worth the read - entertaining as always (and very educational in an informal way)

Cat's rating: a comfortable 7,5/10

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