Monday, 15 March 2010

Things I have learnt this weekend...

It is completely possible for 6 kids of 6 and under to totally wreck a room in the duration of two rugby games. It will take mommy (with a 5 year old's help) two hours to tidy up the toys.

I will never allow above to happen again - now I am tidy as you play Nazi even with other people's kids.

There are brilliant party ideas around that I have not seen before. The bug in the jello one was a huge hit.

I really like chickens - they are so photogenic,

Rabbits love cupcakes!

Puppies and kids go together like peas and carrots.

It is possible to have a whole night's sleep and still sleep for another 2 and a half hours the next morning and be exhausted by 9 the night and sleep from 9:30. I guess we are still sleep deprived to an extend.

Some friendships can resume after 22 and 3 years in the blink of an eye (post following on this one)

There is nothing as sweet as a newborn.This one had all the attention at Saturday's party.


    1. We did the bugs in jellie for halloween- kids loved it :)

    2. I took a whack of chicken pics the other day too!

      And yes, there is just something about newborns. i cannot get enough of them.

      I am also a tidy as you play nazi due a bad experience some time ago.

    3. I had no idea chickens looked so good in a photo.

    4. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun despite having a disaster zone to clean up afterwards.

      I'm thinking to have the girls' party away from our home for this exact same reason!

      I don't feel like yelling at Johnny to get off the sofa and Jackie to please not swing from the chandelier!

    5. Why does fun equal mess? A try mystery of the world:-)

    6. Beautiful photos! You photography is truly gorgeous!

    7. Great photos...yup...those chickens really have the "look":)

      Oi! I am back to picking up after big children and little ones...praying for sanity:)

    8. Oh wow! Those chickens really are cool. Love the one with the baby chicky in it. :-)

    9. Great pics!!! How do you get them so large?

    10. What wonderful things to learn!! (except, maybe, for that first one ;) )

      Gorgeous pictures (as always :) )

    11. Bunnies, chicks and babies...what could be more special?

    12. At first I was going to comment on how cute the puppy was...and then I saw the beautiful pics of the baby! Gorgeous photos!!!

    13. OMGOODNESS! That baby! I wish i could smell her! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a sweetie!

      LOVE the chicken photos! You are so right! they are fabulous to photograph :)

    14. I like chickens too. We used to own some, and I would love to own some again. Love fresh eggs!
      That newborn...*sigh* delicious.

    15. precious. And I LOVE that last chicken shot--wow!


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