Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday - 7 May 2010

PhotoStory Friday
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  30 April 2010:
Our nanny Lucy is learning to read and write English, at 45. It is tough as this is her 4th language (others being Tshwana, Zulu and Afrikaans). With 11 official languages this is quite a task. And the silly hat - she loves them - makes them herself and also sells them. As you can see little man C is also busy learning to read and write English ;-)
  1 May 2010:
At the party. Although it looks as if she is looking right at me, I was behind a jungle gym. Playing pirates with the boys - she was fierce and ferocious, as a pirate girl should be.
  2 May 2010:
Beautiful gerberas from my charming hubby and the princess bought at the farmers market.
  3 May 2010:
They went to sleep on Monday night with their new wooden tractors made by a gentleman at my mom's retirement village, and the usual blanky bunnies.
  4 May 2010:
She made this little trinket box for me at the pottery for a Mothersday gift. She could not wait until Sunday to give it. They make the cutest things there.
  5 May 2010:
Indigenous Strilitzia flower in the office garden (also know as the "crane" flowers - named to our national bird, the blue crane.
  6 May 2010:

 The lemons in our driveway are ripe and ready to be enjoyed. They are very richly coloured this year, almost orangy. Not sure if it is due to the unseasonal huge amounts of rain.


  1. That little box she made you is just precious. Hayden couldn't wait to give me his gift either.

    They are just so sweet.

    And thanks, my friend for linking up and supporting my little meme. :)

  2. Gorgeous photos, as always :-)

    Those wooden tractors are wonderful, I love having things that are made by someone you know, it makes them extra special.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the box picture - so sweet!

  4. Another gorgeous week for you:-)

  5. am so impressed by your nannie as I cant get myself to learn German at my age of 47!!
    She puts me to shame.

    Stunning photo's once that flower is out of this world, so creative.

    Do you have a friend who takes photo's that you can team up with as there is something called Team Up Thursdays on blogs, I'm joining with a woman I've never met in Germany ( Munich ) we going to be a team.
    Each week you chose a theme and then post both pics on your blog...its amazing how different people see different things.

  6. LOVE the little box! And awesome about your helper :)

  7. I love your pictures! The tractor is so cool.

  8. your nanny...I have so much respect for her...and I love her hat:-)

    I always look forward to seeing your Friday pics...they are always fabulous.

  9. OMGOSH! Tell me your boys are learning to read & write already??? That is fantastic! (love your nanny's hat!)

    The box your daughter made is fantastic!

  10. LOL! Debi, only joking. He is busy recognizing shapes and colours.

  11. oooh i love that tractor, does he sell them??


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