Sunday, 1 August 2010

I had my face fixed...

A parrot is no patch. I swear! Little man C talks non-stop. All. The. Time. So much so that Little man L is only now really starting to find his voice, because he never got a word in. He also has this little habit of saying: Jy mag... (You may...) for everything he asks you for. Like, you may give me juice etc.

So yesterday I went for the facial Hunter booked for me. When I got home the kids were all asleep, but I was without make-up and my skin possibly slightly redder than usual. When Little man C woke up, he sat on my lap. This was the conversation:
Mamma, was jy by Tannie Crystal? (Mommy were you at Auntie Crystal?)
Ja liefie(Yes my love)
Het sy jou gesiggie reggemaak? (Did she fix your face?)
Ja liefie (Yes love)
Het sy dit met 'n hammer reggemaak? (Did she fix it with a hammer?)
Hunter and I was absolutely hysterical - I really did not know that I looked that bad and I needed so much work!


  1. Oh my word, he is PRICELESS!

    BTW, day 1 success as they're in bed already. D left at 1.20 and we've been on our own since then....

  2. wahahaha. well done for posting this - in the memory bank forever!

  3. Uit die mond van die suigeling sal jy die waarheid hoor!! LOL.

    That is so funny.

  4. be two and say whatever you want!!

    I'm impressed that they can speak afrikaans...such a difficult language!

  5. My youngest doesn't have a shut off switch either.

  6. hahahahaha!!! what a funny lil comedian you have!! Oh...just priceless! (& I'm sure you did not look like you needed a hammer!)

  7. Ag jinne ma!!!! Kids have a way with words don't they? This is just too gorgeous!! Love it

  8. Priceless!

    Great that you documented this - so easy to forget the little odd things that they say!

  9. hehehe, Kids say the funniest things

  10. bly jy het dit gedokumenteer...jy sal dit altyd wil onthou.


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