Monday, 2 August 2010

July 2010 - Book no 18

The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin S Sharma

I have heard so much about this book that I grabbed the chance to be the first one to read it at the Bookclub. I am really not a keen reader of self-help type books so I should have known that like most other of it's species, this one would also not fascinate me. I read the first two thirds and tried to really concentrate and understand and remember as much as possible. I even re-capped on the handy summaries at the end of each chapter. But it was just not "happening". Maybe at the time I was simply too tired. The last third I speed-read through.

The message is simple - return to yourself and to true and honest non monetary values and you will get rich, be thin and healthy and eternally happy and perfect. Ok, maybe I am being a bit cynical. Recommended for self help junkies and semi-Buddhist  health nuts only.

Cat's score on this one; 4/10- but maybe it's just me.


  1. Hi Cat, I am with you on this one, but then I am a cynic. Your description of the message reads like so many of these self help formula books that give me an allergy :)
    Thanks for stopping by at the Max Files and for your comments.

  2. I'm also not a fan of self-help books, so i will skip this one then

  3. I didn't enjoy this book at all, in fact, I never even finished it( so congrats on finishing your copy!).I found the writing style boring and lacking in everything. Did you know that he now has a new book out. I think Il stay clear of that one too.


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