Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mr Murphy you have no reason to read this. None whatsoever.

But we have been having some great sleep recently. I truly believe that we prayed this sleep from God. Little man L has slept through for 6 nights! On Sunday night he briefly woke up and went back to sleep almost immediately. On Sunday afternoon we all had a 2 and a half hour nap. I think the last time we slept this well might have been when the boys were around 7 months of age.

But it is not only on this front that things seem to be moving ahead. The last two weeks Little man L has been in a total developmental overload. He has started to chat in English. His language skills is general has hugely improved. His teacher independently told me on Friday that she is totally stunned by the speed his development has taken. Yes, he is not potty trained yet, maybe that will fall into place soon. Please God, let it fall into place. His newest social milestone is that at last he has developed into our newest little tatter tail - as if 2  in the household were not enough. We still have our moments - last night he was over tired and irritated, but in general these are getting less.

He is starting to recognize colours, he participates in activities way more than he used too. He communicates so well. I am so totally grateful. I do believe the Wilbarger brushing and deep pressure technique we have been doing the last 3 weeks certainly played it's part as has the Occupational therapy and Play therapy.. But I also believe that our constant prayers for our little boy is the crucial part of the equation.

Today we will find out our way ahead with his eyes - we are seeing the pediatric ophthalmologist again and I hope that our prayers  for his eye has also been answered. If not so, the I do believe that the operation was meant to be the next step - the tool God wishes us to use.

Truly, they keep us on our knees. And humble in ways we never knew existed. Our wonderful beautiful children.

Edited to add at 3:05 pm - Praise the Lord - there is remarked improvement. Although not exactly where he should be but close enough not to warrant surgery now. I am hugely relieved! We need to continue with his glasses and the dreaded drops every weekend for the next 6 to 8 months when he has his regular yearly check-up.


  1. You know how thrilled I am for you.  I believe that it is all your prayer and hard work coming to fruition. 

    Let me know how the appt went pls?  x

  2. Wonderful - its so rewarding to see our kids come into their own! Keep us posted bout the eye appt okay? x

  3. Aaaah, what a beautiful post and he is a gorgeous boy, such a lovely personality.

    About the tattling, this morning Kendra goes to a corner of my study where I keep filing and Connor says, "Mummy, Kendra touching paper" LOL - it was cute even though they're tattling.


    I also believe God had a BIG hand in this!

  4. So glad to hear!
    (Mr Murphy, you go away!)

  5. Great news! I am ecstatic to read this :)
    I'm happy for you 

  6. Such a positive happy post!!! Awesome news on all fronts!

  7. Stunning news my friend...keep us posted on how it went with the eye appointment...kay?

  8. So rewarding to watch kids finally get it together on their own. Loved this happy post. And awesome news on the eye issues.x

  9. Yay for the good news!  I'm sure you must be very relieved that no surgery is needed.  I hope things improving for your little man :)

  10. My word, he's doing so well!! well done mom with all the things that are making such a difference

  11. I'm so glad you're getting sleep again! And it's great news about all the progress he's making too.


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