Thursday, 25 August 2011

What's happening? and WIWT edition 5

Some thoughts on today:
  • I thought I would write a long post today about what an agony my first mammogram was, but really, the complaints are over rated. Yes it was uncomfortable and sore, but really,  having your teeth cleaned at the dentist is far worse. Everything s fine. 
  • It is the windy season in our corner of the world - on Tuesday night the wind blew down a  tree - on the main supply line of our area. So we had no electricity right through to mid morning Wednesday. Hunter made it a fun event for the kids and we all went to sleep rather late and the night was restless with lots of wakings up and dogs barking etc.
  • I went to a talk on Tuesday night at the boys' school by a children's psychologist and play therapist - it was good, practical and insightful. She talked, amongst other things about using parent regulated choices to discipline and to teach our children to make the right choices.
  • We did not sleep well again last night - maybe Murphy read here, or maybe it was just for the night? I would like to have 2 weeks of good sleep before moving the boys back to their room. Certainly by their birthday they must be back there. 
  • In exactly a month from today our boys will be 4! Gosh 4 already! I always say to people that 4 was the age that was for me the turning point with the Princess - the point at which things really became easier. I know no two children are alike but we are certainly seeing the possible fragments of an easier future. Time to get their small little party organized.
  • Sometimes a new good friend is an old one that moves closer to you, not in the physical sense. But this deserves a whole post.
  • I have read 4 books this month - admitted one was rather slim, but sometimes I do not even make my 3 books target. And I am a bit into two others! I can see that hour and a quarter that I spend reading at the therapists L goes to is at least a plus on this level too. I have tried to work on my laptop, but the half hour at the OT is really too short to do much and the 3/4 of an hour at the play therapist might be an option on that level.
  • The Princess is studying for her Primary RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet exam. Gosh, what the little girls need to learn and remember baffles my brains. I am so proud of how hard they are working and actually glad her first real exam in life is not in school but at an extra mural.
  • And today I am wearing short sleeves for the first time! Yeah - a beautiful 25 degrees Celsius outside and loving it. So WIWT (What I wore today): Gray top (Marilyn's - Brooklyn Mall), Blue Jeans (Woolworths) and gray shoes as previously shown


  1. I like your shoes. Stunning
    Yes, all kids are different, mine including. At 4 my son was much easier but now that my daughter is 4, she is most definitely not easier than my son was :(
    I am happy that the talk was so insightful for you. 

  2. Oh I love your top.  it's gorgeous.  And yay to summer - today it's warm also, so i've got a long t under a short one.  loving it!

    Glad to hear the talk was so informative, and yes, people fuss far too much about mammograms!


  3. I love your top - LOVE!

    Good on you for the mammogram - I need to blog tomorrow about my gynae appt today!

    And glad the talk was good - I'm going to one next week "shaping the will without breaking the spirit" for my strong-willed kids :)

    ps the ideas mag - are those crafts doable by a non-crafty like me?


  4. Love the relaxed look! Good on ya for getting your mam done. Always a relief....

  5. It's crazy to think about how fast our kids grow up.  I am impressed with your daughter's ballet class.  Yaya hasn't had to test up yet.  I would love to watch and see your daughter dance.  Yaya is still a bit into the fantasy of it rather than the actual dance steps.

  6. @b8cb4dd2c9bf58511c5d9ef046eefbc2:disqus It is as if from this year (age5/6) they have suddenly moved into more serious stuff. RAD is South Africa is still based on the tradition British ballet system.

  7. @e0e489fc4ec6017f073ed0a9e8f2241a:disqus In every mag some will be and some not. There are some felt notebooks in the September issue that reminded me of you

  8. That is a lot happening!  They do get easier after 4.

    LIke everybody else....I love your top.

  9. I do love that top! Hope that the transition into their own room will run smoothly.x

  10. Oh you do look great in your photo ~ love the outfit


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