Friday, 18 September 2009

Friday photo finish fiesta - two sets of twins

Pop over to Carrie's right now - TGIF!

As some of you are aware my BFF Hesti and I share an amazing co-incidence - not only do we have a first born daughter, but she is followed by a set of twin boys at almost exactly the same spacing. Off course, this was not planned. But how great is that?

Her boys were born on 9/10/2001 - the day before the attack on the twin towers. I only heard the news the morning of 9/11 when her hubby started texting us all. Just to be followed by the images that flew all over the world. I was newly married and Hunter worked late that night. I could not see Hesti or the twins as she was still in High care and they in the NICU where they remained for weeks.

Last Saturday was their 8th birthday party and yes, it all of a sudden feels like they are so big! So grown up. Each with their own interests although they still look remarkably identical.

The two mommies with the kiddos.

The boys loved these "cars" and played on them quite a bit.

And off course, as if one party is not enough, we had another the afternoon - The Lil Miss' friend Tyra and her brother Chad had their party. So sad, they are emigrating to Australia at the end of October - we will miss them.

The cupcakes were so stunning and delicious. A hit with young and old.

The fruit sosaties were a hit as well. (sosaties are in general what is referred to as an espetada)

So funny - last year you could not get a hat on his head whatsoever.

This year he is refusing! Keeping us on our toes it seems.

Fun on the bounce house.

The 5 friends.

Our tired and over sugared kids slept until 7:30 Sunday morning - a rare occasion.


  1. Thanks for sharing these Superior Snaps! And Happy TGIF...the weekend was made for playing all day!

  2. What great pictures! So cool about you and your best friend having twins (I remember you sharing that story before) but it is so cool!!!

  3. What a fine looking group:-)

  4. Super pictures. Looks like the tykes had a great time playing.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Beautiful kids and cupcakes! (Doesn't it seem they always go together?) So great that they had a good time and stay close. =)
    Happy Friday.

  6. Great pics as always. The cupcakes look divine!

  7. Looks like amazing fun! They are so cute!

  8. Such beautiful shots and I want one of those gorgeous cupcakes. Those fruit kabobs look devine too. What fun celebrations.

  9. I LOVE these photos! So far, I have never seen a party that you have gone to that didn't have FABULOUS cakes! YUM!

    How fun that your BFF has twins as well :)


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