Friday, 8 January 2010

February 2009: Book no 7

Book no 7: My life as a fake by Peter Carey.

This is the second book by Peter Carey that I have attempted to read - the first was the much praised "Oscar and Lucinda" which I have never completed. Once again, I started out reading this book without being interested in it. I persevered, and it took a while, but eventually I did get into it and completed the read. My problem with reading Peter Carey's books is not the story or the characters, it is his writing style, which I find over explanatory and cumbersome. But maybe that's just me.

The story is really good and very original but jumps around in time quite a bit, but not without direction. The places are exotic and interesting and the characters original to say the least. I know that this is a good read, but I really did not enjoy it much and it left a dull memory - not all pleasant.

Cat's rating: 6/10

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