Friday, 29 August 2008

5 Things Friday...

Thank you so much from reading my little musings about my life in general - I never thought that I would have so many readers and make so many bloggy friends. The other moms of multiples have been a special blessing in particular. And lo and behold - I've had two comments from men reading my blog. Holy smoke! Ok, so now for the things you were wondering about in you comments and if you have more questions, please ask by means of comments.

Today, for 5 Things Friday, I will mention 5 questions/notes regarding comments left on my blog.

1. Tinker left a comment on last week's 5 Things: I'm surprised you didn't mention Bumbos. They're a fabulous South African invention! I did not know that Bumbo seats are a South African invention - they would have topped my list from last week if I knew that. I also love the Bumbo trays for the seats.

2. Faith asked after this photograph:I love all of your photo's.... do you mind if I ask you what type of camera you use. I need a new one and have no idea where to begin w/ all of the choices out there. I use a small Sony compact digital camera (Carl Zeis lens - important)- nothing fancy. I am planning to buy a SLR digital in near future and have my eye on a Nikon. I did however do a lot of SLR photography in the good old days of films and am using the principles I learnt then in my photographs - like balance, placing of objects, colours, lines, division of fore and backgrounds, light etc. I think about a photograph before I just take it.

3. When we got the new kidmobile, Mel asked:What kind of car? It is an Opel (Vauxhall) Zaffira and I am still totally loving it. BTW - Mel runs a wonderful charity called Bossum Buddies - please have a look and see if you can support her.

4. Several of you commented about the term "Stork Party" used in this post: Yes, I admit it is a cute term, but it is the usual way we refer to these type of parties in SA - sometimes you will hear about a baby shower, but in general we refer to Stork Teas/ Stork parties. I am attending one tomorrow for a very special little boy .

5. After all the comments about my wedding dress (thanks girls for all the lovely compliments): I did not actually wear my mom's dress, although just as it was was gorgeous. My mom is about a head shorter than I am and I did not fit the dress at all. The designer cleverly devised a plan in which we used the hand beaded pieces of my mom's dress in combination with new material (satin with two layers of chiffon to achieve the precise colour of the old dress) and new hand beading to create a brand new dress (actually a skirt and top). For instance, the band of beading at the bottom of the dress was re-used at the bottom of my dress, the part on my mom's bodice became a short train on my dress and a beaded section on the lap part of my mom's dress became the central panel of my bodice. The silver beads on the dress have turned to gray with time and hence we had white and gray as the colours for our wedding. The only other "theme" we had was heaps and heaps pf great smelling lavender. I love lavender! I am keeping the dress very safely stored for The Little Miss to use if one day if she wishes to.

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  1. I didn't know that SA is where the bumbo was invented. I love me some bumbos!


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