Friday, 31 December 2010

So that was 2010.

Happy New Year to you all! Yes, we completely missed out on Christmas on this blog and I do hope that you all had a wonderful Christ feast. We certainly did. And that is why we missed out on it here - because we were busy with our whirlwind holiday/Christmas/ family visit. But more about that later.

Looking back on this year it's been another busy, but good one. We are thankful that we are all healthy and happy and that we can look forward to another year ahead.
  • The princess left us astounded with a fast pace of growing up happening all the time. She has been a total joy to us.
  • The boys have very little baby left in them - they are sturdy busy little boys, learning new things all the time. Well, mainly busy. And more busy. And then some business....
  • The puppies, although 9 and 8 and a half years old are still fit and strong and being the wonderful dogs they have always been.
  • Hunter had a very busy year at work and studying. He is continuing with his field guiding and helping out with the rhino anti-poaching project.
  • I had an extremely busy work year with two headache projects. I temporarily gave up horse riding (although that might change again ;-) ) and have taken up a new hobby, mosaic. I did not keep up with my project 365 photos (but starting again tomorrow and am going to try and publish a catch up) and did not finish my 36 books for the year, although I came close.
As per usual I am not going to even try and do New Years resolutions, but one thing is certain - de-cluttering the house and general house items will get priority in the next year.

Tonight, we are celebrating with Hunter's old friends in Port Elizabeth and I am looking forward to seeing them all. Tomorrow we start our journey back home after heaps of adventure and traveling this holiday.

So, until 2011 here's wishing you all God's light and love.

Monday, 13 December 2010

The weekend report

The weekend was busy, as always, and as we are preparing for the holidays and with 3 days of work left, I wish I was on holiday already.
  • On Friday night Hunter and I had such a great night out for our 10th wedding anniversary. After we left a bit late (as with kids, the Princess bumped her head just before we had to leave), we had dinner at Beira Alta at Montecasino. I was so impressed with the waitress that asked if we were going to the 8 o clock show, and then saw to it that everything happened in time. The food was also stunning, to say the least. Then we went on to see Mamma mai! and my, was it great. It is so worth the money and effort to see. It was brilliant! If you have not seen it yet, just go.
  • On Saturday morning Hunter ran a few errands and then surprised me with a visit to the beauty salon for a facial and an eyebrow wax. My was I happy about that as I am so lazy to do my own brows. 
  • Saturday afternoon Hunter and the kids went to a birthday party in Jo'burg and I went to my hairdresser to make sure that I am not totally gray by the end of the holiday. 
  • Saturday night we were both tired and we sat and watched our wedding video. I really need to get it transferred onto DVD. It was great to relive the day.
  • Sunday morning Hunter let me sleep in a bit and then we did some of the shopping that we had to get done before the holiday.
  • After getting home and struggling to get the boys to nap,  Hunter went to lie down and I could see that he was not feeling well. Regardless, we went for a walk with the pups . Last night he was really sick, right through the night. The Princess and I watched Alvin and the chipmunks and I did some work on the camping stuff for the holiday.
  • This week I have a million things to do, or so it feels. Onto making those lists and getting the lat minute work things done too.

Friday, 10 December 2010

10 Years ago today...

I married my love.

Through the years we have been through a  lot - a lot of stress, some tears, but way more laughter, fun and love. What does amaze me is that the love still grows. The companionship still grows. The understanding still grows.

My love, you are my rock, my shoulder to lean on, my one true love. The one I want to grow old with. Thank you for the 10 greatest years of my life.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I guess we are actually grown-ups with grown -up lives.

We seldom go out at night alone. I know we should have more date nights, but sometimes life just slips by. The past week and this one was quite a change from the usual. We have been out a lot!  It is so good to spend time alone with H.

On Saturday night the 27th of November we attended an event which I now have found out some believe to be the annual party event in Pretoria - the annual Decadent event - this year was Decadent Africa. It was a night of indulgence and over the top everything. From free neck and shoulder massages to entertainment by "3 Tons of Fun" and the Black Tie ensemble. The food was all African and the vibe was great with views over Pretoria's city centre.Every section of the rooftop area was decorated in a different style and truly magnificent. We were both dressed to fit the theme, but believe me, we were very understated in dressing - there was some way over the top stuff.

On Tuesday the 30th we had our annual office end of year function. We had dinner at the Dros in Menlyn Park where the food was great, but the service was shocking. We the proceeded to the Barnyard theater across the mall to watch "Nitefever" - the general Barnyard offering of fun and music.I ordered cupcake from the Cupcake Lady and oh my word, they were beyond delicious and a huge hit with all. We had some Creme brulee ones and secret center chocolates. Everybody was still talking about them the next day.
 Then on Friday night Hunter treated me to dinner at Cynthia's. We have never been there before but it is one of Pretoria's grand old restaurants. It was truly the most magnificent treat! If I need to single out a dish, it would be my started of baked brie with fruit and nuts. Hunter's main course of duck was truly stunning too. All in all, a great experience.

:Last night was our last Bookclub for the year and our Christmas dinner. It was, as per usual, a lot of fun.

Tonight, we are meeting my cousins from Komatipport for some sushi and on Friday night we have our own little celebration planned.

Busy indeed, but having fun. As grownups should.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I have lots of good things to tell you, positive things, but today I am tired. Completely and utterly exhausted. It has been a long long year and we have not slept well. Hec, I thought by the age of 3 the boys would have slept better. Now, after a few nights of good sleep, I think we have the start of the dreaded night terrors. We have had two nights where each of the boys woke up, clearly shaking with fear and screaming. I will try the same homeopathic stuff we did with the Princess and see if ti helps. But I am not hopeful. Nope. Every time we think we win the sleep war, it seems it was only the battle.

I have an old bookclub friend that is now pregnant with twins. In fact, the poor girl really has her work cut out for her - she will have one of 33 months, one of 15 months and new born twins. That's one 15 month old we didn't have! She asked me what was the hardest of the twin pregnancy. Without a doubt for me the extreme tiredness. The total lack of the second trimester energy. And when she asked what was the hardest about having twins, my answer was clear and simple - sleep! It's just double the amount of wakings per night at any stage. Adding to that the fact that they are "tuned into" each other and tend to wake up when the other does, does not make the issue any simpler.

Although in no way do I wish my boys bigger or to miss any stage of cuteness, I do wish we can get to sleep a bit. I mean, for them it will certainly be better too.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Family pictures, yeah!

Playing along with Cheryl.
Gee, this week promise to be filled with  much of workness and a lot of preparations for the holiday to follow. We are both beyond tired this year. I had the most wonderful birthday, but I will do a post just or that. But we did manage to fit a family shoot with Jeanette yesterday and she already has the sneak peek up. Wow, I love them! Once again, a job well done. The grandparent's wish for another beautiful calender will be granted.

Having great family pics once again Makes my Monday . Do go and have a look at the link above.

Oh yes, and I am planning to post Christmas cards  - so if you email me your address I will post you a real life old fashioned one. Then you post one back! How's that - let's revive old traditions.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

What, 42 already?

Yes, that's me today. Somehow the past year just slipped by in a haze.I am feeling a bit blah and tired, really work wise this year has been a bummer. I am struggling to get the cheer together to celebrate. That being said, I have already celebrated yesterday and it will continue today.

As I have up to today not had a chance to think about a wish list, I have been giving it a bit of though last night and this morning. So, for my next year I wish for:
  • Good health for me and the rest of our family.
  • Happy normal children that actually sleep through the night
  • A great new and stimulating job for my sweet DH. He deserves it.
  • A good year for the business. Times are tough in the building industry.
  • A new creative hobby - actually I think I have found it. Mosaik. So let's hope it works out the way I want it to.
  • Less stress. Just less stress, mostly at work. But just juggling those balls too.
  • Friendship and love. I have not blogged about it yet, because I am finding it terribly hard to even think about it, but my BFF is moving to Australia next year. With my other BFF in Canada for the last 5 years, I am feeling pretty low about friendship.
  • More time to relax as a family. I truly believe that as the kids get older these times get better and better. We are already planning a weekend camping in March in the Pilansberg with S,I and their kids.
  • More time for me and Hunter together. We need it. And I love it.
  • A more tidy and organized home - I need to seriously declutter and assign places for things. I know that I need to make this happen - so I wish for the energy and time to do this. And my family to at least try and keep to it.
  • A year of keeping the dark wolf away from my door without chemical interference. I can feel him knocking at the moment, as it happens at times when I am tired and stressed.
  • And most of all, a year filled with love, laughter and fun.
And to you my friends in the computer, thank you for your love and support.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Oh Christmas tree...

So the Christmas tree is up, the nativity scene was build. I would love to paint a picture of smiling happy kids decorating to the tune of soft Christmas music. Hec, even  the picture of smiling happy kids decorating to the tune of Boney M Christmas music would be great. But no, we had fighting and shoving by Little man C and the Lil Miss to the tune of "Bob the builder" on which Little man L insisted.
But at the end, after decorations were hung and re-hung and a shepherd was saved after being flung across the room, peace and quiet descended, some sibling love rekindled and wonderment over the lights assumed.

Now, mommy need to get herself into the festive spirit - the birthday and Christmas spirit, pronto! If I can just get past the tiredness.

Btw, the Advent calender is working brilliantly, and I re-used the little old tree.