Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mother Nature


This pic was taken a couple of weeks ago at Kei Mouth Beach.  There is limited sand now on the 'beach' and this is what has replaced it - masses of churned up shells.  But i think they are so pretty in their own way - so many different colours and textures right under our noses - but do we ever take the time to really look and notice?

Following on last week's theme of "Natural beauty", I suggested "Mother Nature" for two reasons. The first, as we both wanted to do nature last week but didn't, I though it would be great almost forcing it this week. The second reason was totally selfish - I knew we would be in the Pilansberg for the weekend and I thought I would get the perfect animal shot. I got quite a few nice ones, but at the end, this one speaks tome of Mother Nature. The way a tree will find it's way around a rock, shaping and changing to survive and thrive. A good subject, but at the end it's the lines and the textures that make this photo.

Linda-Maree & Mariette

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Did I over react? You tell me.

So yesterday I freaked out - totally a bit. Our receptionist here at the office has been sitting coughing and wheezing for the last two weeks. Last week on Wednesday she went to the clinic where her medical aid prescribes her to go - Wednesday afternoon she sat drinking a pack of medicine. On Thursday it was a busy and short day and I never took any notice. Yesterday morning she sits here coughing her lungs out - so I ask her if she is not any better after all the medicine. She replies that no, she is not, but that she is only going this Wednesday to get her x-rays taken to confirm that she has tuberculosis (TB). I quietly freaked out inside myself! WTF! I have small children. My business partner has a 3 week old grandson. Our retired partner that has an office here is 89 years old. TB can be passed on like nothing and transferred on to someone else by you even if you are not sick. Why does she not tell us? Or stay at home? Did the doctor not educate her or am I over reacting? She is not actually on TB medicine yet - just normal cold and flu stuff.

I am so angry that we have been subjected to this! What's your opinion?
Edited to add: We did send her home until she can tell us if she has it or not.

Monday, 27 September 2010

A perfect weekend.

Playing along with Cheryl.
We had the most wonderful long weekend possible, aptly celebrating National Heritage day in our natural heritage at the Pilansberg Game Reserve - big 5 country. We saw 3 of the Big 5 and many more lucky spots. But more important, we spent a great family time together celebrating the boy's birthday on Saturday. Hunter and I also had very precious time together at night, chatting and having some great red wine and our game reserve staple - gin and dry lemon/tonic.So, tomorrow I will show you some game, but today, a recap of my precious 3 year old's birthday (for whom I still have to write my traditional birthday posts).
The stack of presents that family and friends sent along - we asked the family to club together and we got them several Lego Duplo sets.
I did the lazy route out - made small party packs and cupcakes. Cupcakes by Checkers, sugar paste dinosaurs by Bakery Warehouse in Bryanston.
We just invited several of the kids that were camping around us to sing and have a cupcake with us. They each got a party pack with sweets, a plastic dinosaur or dinosaur eraser to take home.
Every campsite seem to have them - bigger girls loving the little ones and coming over to play with them. These two made them a birthday card too!
I think we made an excellent decision to rather go away the weekend and have a small little celebration there than to spend a lot of time and energy on a party here. They loved their special day and it was great to see how this year, for the first time, they really knew it was their special day.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


  • I am reeling after a hectic three days at work working days and evenings.
  • I realized that it's been weeks since I slept a whole night next to my hubby. Either he is working late, I am working, he is away or, mostly, well, mainly, I am sleeping next to my new sleep mate, Little man C. This has to stop! Advice will be welcomed.
  • I lost my temper (quietly) with a client after spending 6 hours on something on Monday, just to be told by him today that he made a mistake asking me to redesign my original as presented on Friday and to revert back to that.
  • I am just tired.
  • I have to plan for our weekend away - due to work issues this has been left behind.Menu etc have to be planned and shopping done tomorrow in my half day off. Not to speak of packing.
  • I have decided not to bake cupcakes for the boys' little birthday celebration. I am taking my hubby's advice and in stead of over extending myself, I am going to support Woolworths and just add some extra decorations of my own.
  • I have to fill in the forms to take our puppies to the kennels tomorrow- it is going to be their very first visit to a kennel(and they are 8 years old!)
  • I have to clean a million silkworms' boxes as granny is babysitting them for the weekend and I can not expect her to do that.
  • I am grateful that Lucy is cooking mince for dinner.
  • I have to pay for our December holiday.
  • I am so glad that we decided not to have a party for the boys as the energy to plan that totally escapes me. Yes, I am being a bad mommy, but I am totally at ease with our decision. We are taking a few bags with sweeties and cupcakes on our long weekend and I will just call together a random 20 kids around our campsite or the pool and let them sing for the boys and get some sweetie bags. It's really all that a 3 year old needs. We are also taking along the presents that friends and family has given me for them so they will have a little low key bush party.
So what's happening in your life today?

Monday, 20 September 2010

And all of a sudden they are so big,

so grown up. Almost 3. Just 5 sleeps to go.

This morning I woke up all nostalgic, a bit teary and almost shocked. We cut their hair last night, as we do from time to time and all of a sudden they look like big big boys. Did I mention that my babies, our last babies are almost 3. Three!

Clearly not babies anymore. But as Little man L was lying sleeping in my arms on Saturday evening after a crying fit my heart just ached. And as in the middle of last night Little man C crawled onto my chest and snuggled in to fall asleep again, my heart gave a leap.

Why oh why do we sometimes wish them to grow up faster? Why do we say, this will pass when a phase is difficult, and then we get all teary and sad when we realize that they grow up way to fast?

Did I mention my babies are turning 3 in just 5 days?

Friday, 17 September 2010

Friday 17 September 2010

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily
Hosted by Chris
  Time for a slice of our lives once again. Welcome to our world.
  10 September 2010:

Our Petria had only a few strings of flowers - good thing I took the picture because by the end of the weekend they were destroyed by a certain little boy.
  11 September 2010:

 The wild Irises are quite beautiful this year.

  14 September 2010:

 The ingredients of the perfect Bookclub dessert -  lemon cheesecake tartlets, strawberries and cream.
  15 September 2010:

I sometimes get these little surprises around the house - the Princess generally is responsible. This one was left exactly like I photographed it - on the kitchen counter.
  16 September 2010:

 The day was hectic, the evening beyond hectic. After 8 I remembered about my photo of the day. So I set of to capture the Irises by flash. Rare, but I think ok.

Thursday, 16 September 2010


Hi all my friends in the computer,
Yes, I have been neglecting this blog and reading yours, but it's been hectic at work and busy at home.
  • Huberta is smelling a lot better after her day at the car-spa but we are not out of the woods yet. There is still a whiff around. The really crappy thing is that I can not put my air conditioning on for another week or so as to avoid the smell (and bacteria) spreading to the A/c. And we are at 31C temperatures already.
  • Little man L had a nice all night puking session on Tuesday night. Poor kids was so tired yesterday, but recovering well.
  • Book club was over at our place on Tuesday night - it was a great success. I think I will do a post about it and also with basic bookclub principles to start one as I have been asked about it on this blog before.
  • Work is hectic at present, home life is also. Hence my apologies to all for not catching up on yours. I suspect I will have to abandon to catch up and just read everybody's newest post.
So onto the usual Thursday happenings:

When Cat suggested Spring as our theme for this week, my initial thought, as most people's would be, was to photograph flowers - isn't that the epitomy of spring?  SO i did.  But then this evening on the way up our drive i noticed this newborn calf sleeping quietly - and that's when I knew he would be my Spring photograph.  Calving and spring go hand in hand, here on our farm, as does lambing.  But if there is one thing I cannot resist, it is a newborn calf.  They are just so cute.  Long gangly legs, big mouths and all soft and fluffy.   Not your traditional 'spring' photo - but i love it!
I love Spring, as I am so a Summer girl. But my favorite part of Spring, without a doubt, is my courtyard garden tha is filled stock full or Irisses. When I took a picture about 2 weeks ago of a single Iris for my project 365, there were only a few open, Now it is a mass of purple.

I just love that picture of the little claf and the way the whole frame is filled. And the angle is just right. I just want to give it a little hug.

For some more TUT partners, check out:

Monday, 13 September 2010

It's all about spilled milk and a naughty boy...

I have previously said that these days the weekends without Hunter seem to get easier and easier. Every time it is easier. Well, not this time, but I guess as with anything else with kids, it's two steps forward and one step back. It's just that I haven't yet had the one step back with this weekend single parenting stuff.

All in all we had a good weekend - we popped in briefly at Laura's for their housewarming, the Princess had a great play date on Saturday and yesterday over lunch was spent with our good friends S & I. It's just that Little man C is in a particularly stubborn and plainly in a  foul mood semi permanent these days. Well, actually, he has always been more to the emotional side than any of our other kids. I know, everybody that see him in a social setting will think I am lying, but honestly, the charmer that he is, he keeps his best behavior for others. Well, don't they all!

But onto the (very literal) spilled milk. On Friday I bought a 3l milk jug form Woolworths. It leaked in the shopping bag, To the extend of at least half a liter. Nope, I did not see it in the shop, and yes, I am not in love with Woolworths at present. In any event, I saw a little milk on the carpet and washed it with amongst other things, vinegar on Friday night - fun Friday night activity. It seemed fine. On Saturday afternoon it became quite clear that I have missed some milk, somewhere - the smell! We have one of those MPV type vehicles that have two extra seats in the back to make it a 7 seater - so I went ahead and got those two seats from their holders in the floor space and lo and behold - there's the old turd (or well, milk in this case) The smell! The milk seeped in between the one seat and the carpet and has nicely fermented there. So off I went to buy some biological cleaner that sorted out the seat (thank goodness for leather seats), but not the carpet. Now only if I checked there on Friday and got the cleaner I would not have had this whole issue!

In any event, our dear Huberta is having a spa day today at Brooklyn Mall car wash who assures me that they deal daily with issues like these. She is also getting a nice polish and the such. So let's hope I can breathe in her again in a few hours time and that she had a fun day at the car spa.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Things I have learned this week...

  • The one night in weeks that the boys will sleep through will be the night that the Princess will puke.
  • One can get very sick in a matter of hours. 
  • Ian Mc Ewan is fast becomming one of my favorite writers.
  • The new consumer protection act empowers one as a consumer but is pretty scary for you as a supplier. Sparkles sweeties are lekker. Haven't had them in years 
  • The Princess has been an excellent silkworm farmer and we have a gazillion little worms.
  • Newly hatched silkworms are way tinier than I remember them and a bit weird in the way that they all favour the same leaf when there are at least 30 others available. 
  • Gardening is actually therapeutic. 
  • I have been accidently sniffed out IRL- Linda, if you are reading here, please email me your address. Your avatar looks familiar but I can not fin your blog. I would love to contact your  SIL.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Friday 10 September 2010

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily
Hosted by Chris
  Time for a slice of our lives once again. Welcome to our world.

  4 September 2010:

I have no idea what this plant is but every year at this time it flowers with abundant strings.

  6 September 2010:

Our plumb tree blossoms.

  7 September 2010:

My choice for the bookclub this year.

  9 September 2010:

There were 2 of these very delicate blue flowers in the garden. Alas, my attention to them meant their demise - but plucked by the boys and proudly presented to me.

Thursday, 9 September 2010



When i chose connection (from my picture last week) i had visions of taps/electrical somethings.  Not sure what.  But when I sat and reviewed the photo's i'd taken after a visit from Grandma & Grandad, I knew that this would be my 'connection' photo.  This little girl of mine completely adores her 'Ma'.  She becomes her shadow and nothing is too much effort for Ma when she has her littlest grandchild with her.  I often think that she is by far the fav of the grandchildren - but that wouldn't be fair now would it!  Back to the photo - am sure that you can all see the connection between these two - and it warms my heart that this Grandma adores my child as she does.
When Shayne sent the word "connection" as our subject I had all sorts of technological connections in mind. But one picture I took two Saturdays ago kept running in the back of my mind. A connection, of the family variety. These two are cousins and although you can see a family resemblance this picture is almost uncanny in how much the family genes run.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Just look what the flying hoola monkeys brought us!

On Friday we had the most excellent luck when the flying hoola monkeys did a Steri Stumpie drop for us! I grew up with Steri Stumpie and remember stopping at the corner cafe after school on our bicycles to buy some and it is still a favorite of our family. The timing was perfect as Friday afternoons is when me and the kids have a little bit more time together in the afternoons. My, we had heaps of fun. Best shown in pictures of course:
Our little treasure chest of fun.
The Princess creating her Steri Stunpie person
The Princess also decorated a Cream Soda one for me, a Vanilla Custard one for daddy and a Caramel one for Lucy. Just read the cute little blurb for the stickers.
Thanks Steri Stumpie - we had lots of fun! Want your own drop (South Africans only) - visit:

Monday, 6 September 2010

So I'n sick...

After leaving the Ladies on Lunch yesterday afternoon I mentioned to Hunter that I am feeling a bit tired. As the day progressed the runny nose started and by bedtime my ears were sore. When I got up tried to get up this I knew this was a stay at home day. I do not often give myself sick leave, but I really felt terrible. So I thought I will sleep a bit, blog a bit, check work mails and catch up on my way behind blog reading, just to find myself sleeping another 2 and a half hours and waking up feeling even worse. So of I went to the good doc who diagnosed upper respiratory tract infection, ear infection and the start of bronchitis. Booked off till Wednesday. Wish I could do that - tomorrow I will have to do a big meeting in the morning, but then I will be in bed again. We will see what Wednesday brings. And I really hope no one at the picnic gets the pest.

I also had to postpone bookclub that was to be at our place tomorrow night until nest week. Luckily, it seems to suit two of the girls better. So, of to sleep again. Cheers to your health and mine.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Friday 3 September 2010

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily
Hosted by Chris
  27 August 2010:

 Their favorite little cat bulldozers. We saw one working on the vacant erf accross the road, then they had to give theirs a good run.

  29 August 2010:

Lunch with friends at the Dros in Hatfield. The worst service ever, but a lot of laughs. I love the natural feel of this picture.

  30 August 2010:

Without a doubt my most favorite corner in the garden - every year the irises bloom in abandon.

  2 September 2010:

 Lucy and I are busy with a bit of Spring cleaning and decluttering after work every day. I am rather enjoying doing it and particularly the results. But it made me forgot to take a photo. So I did a Jenty and switched on the kitchen lights and took a picture. I think it came out fine. My new favorite perfume. Smells divine. (Essence de femme by Hugo Boss)

Yeah, it's Casual Day

Today is a very special day in South Africa - it's Casual Day and we all buy a sticker for R10 and the money goes to several charities for people with disabilities. In our office we always celebrate Spring day on the same day with a braai with some of our neighboring offices. We all buy the stickers, but depending on the theme, some dress up or some not.

The theme this year: Dress for laughs on Friday 3 September. Wear your frown upside down and show off your
Casual Day sticker. Give everyone a reason to smile, support persons with disabilities and
make sure you wear your sticker.

So , presenting you with the usual suspects sure for a laugh in the office:

Thursday, 2 September 2010


When Cat chose Old for this week I knew I wouldn't have a problem finding something old, as there are so many unused and discarded equipment round our farm.  The question was finding the right one.  This is the electrics and odometer from an ancient grader on our farm.  I almost think that it would look better as a black and white photo - but i took it in colour.

I think it looks great in colour with the rich rust colours one could possibly miss in black and white.
I picked old/antique for his week as Shayne's picture of last week had that feel to it. I was planning to get my Dad's old single lens reflex camera out and taking a picture of it, but never got around to it. So I am recycling this one. Taken at Van Gaalen Cheese farm this skeleton of a piano is just so sad - all dusty and broken. I can imagine how it used to be played years ago - maybe in a bar  - I can see the cowboys and can-can girls or similar in the Johannesburg mine canteens. It just has personality.
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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Way back - 3 years ago.

Today, 3 years ago was the first day of my maternity leave with the boys.
For the previous month I have been going home a bit earlier to nap in the late afternoon but for the first week in September I rushed waddled around completing those last items on the "to do" list. After that week I was put on modified be rest - I was simply too big to move much. So, I thought I would share some facts about the twin pregnancy:
  • I picked up 15 kg (33 pounds) only - I found it hard to eat and went on a high protein diet that Dr Barbie suggested - the babies kept growing well, I lost weight. Great deal.
  • I did preggy yoga until 34 weeks - I believe it is part of why we managed to keep them in so long to get nice and well cooked.
  • The last 6 weeks I could not turn around in bed - Hunter had to take me by the tummy and turn me.
  • He also painted toe nails and shaved my legs - yes I know, sainthood awaits. ( I was advised not to wax due to the high risk pregnancy)
  • I was 3 months short of 39 when the boys were born.
  • I was never nauseous though the whole pregnancy - ok I am sure the schedule 4 meds had something to do with it. We cold not risk dehydration with my kidney problems.
  • I had very light heartburn only 3 times and never even opened the bottle of Gaviscon. C had my tummy pressed as flat as a pancake but I have a tummy valve of steel. 
  • I joined Facebook in those 2 weeks of bedrest.
  • No 42 maternity wear only just fitted in those last 3 weeks.
  • I could hardly walk to the car on the day the boys were born -  felt as if L was falling out.
  • I ate an extra small meal usually consisting of rusks and milo round 1 almost each morning through the pregnancy - then I watched " In the Womb, Multiples.
  • My stunning hairdresser had my mom pic up professional colour from her to colour my hair in those last 3 weeks as I was too big to sit down for long enough at a salon.
  • I measured as big with the twins at 28 weeks as I was with the Princess at 38 weeks.
  • The last two weeks  I was constantly sore - my skin actually started to tear.
  • I only had Braxton Hicks contractions 4 times in the last week. Never in the rest of the pregnancy.
  • I craved tomatoes. In any form. Also Steers soft serve ice-cream - what the hec,  I still crave that ice-cream.
  • I got physiotherapy for the back pain and wore a preggy support belt.
  • I also had a craving for coffee - uno problemo.