Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Loving at the moment...

It has been a while since I did one of these...

1. My new 20 set of fine liners (Steadler Triplus) in their own little bag. I am a stationary addict - and these make me totally happy (I am shallow like that)- everything happens in colours as I have been writing in for years - now I just have 10 more to write with.
2. Going with the above, my set of note books I use every day. I always use them - sometimes I just love them more than other time. A full post to follow on this.

3. My doodle book. I constantly doodle and spend quite a bit of time daily on the phone with people, why I doodle away.  I almost always draw - I find I concentrate better while doodling. One of the guys in the office then one day (almost a year ago) brought me this book which I use on and off, depending on my mood. These days I am in a doodle book mood.

4. My new work coffee mug - we have plain white ones in the office but it has been a tradition of years to bring your own fun one. My last one featuring Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" on broke the other day. This one form Mr Price home just brings a smile to my face.
5. Tranquil body treats hand mousse - I have had winter hands for years - this has been my best year ever for my hands even though it has been so cold due to this lovely thick stuff and my gloves. Going into summer I am continuing this.
6. Zumba class  - need I say more.
7. Avocado pears -in season at the moment and I am totally addicted to the stuff. Let's forget the oils and remember the vitamins!

8. Salticrax - with the avocado pear or just like that, on it's own. I am particularly partial to the Mediterranean herb flavour.
9. Wonderful Lindt chocolate hamper I have received from Mimbles all the way from OZ! What a great surprise!
10. Hubby having booked our December holiday at the greatest spot! We are all looking forward to it!

So what are you loving at the moment? A list in comments or a little blogpost?